§ 240 Definitions and Use of Terms
§ 240-B Certain Conveyances Authorized; Effect Thereof
§ 240-C Joint Tenancy Severance
§ 241 Ancient Conveyances Abolished
§ 242 Disclosure Prior to the Sale of Real Property
§ 243 Grant of Fee or Freehold
§ 244 When Grant Takes Effect
§ 245 Estate Which Passes by Grant or Devise
§ 246 Certain Deeds Declared Grants
§ 247 Conveyance by Tenant for Life or Years of Greater Estate Than Possessed
§ 248 Effect of Conveyance Where Property Is Leased
§ 249 Covenants in Mortgages
§ 251 Covenants Not Implied
§ 252 Lineal and Collateral Warranties Abolished
§ 253 Construction of Covenants in Grants of Freehold Interests
§ 254 Construction of Clauses and Covenants in Mortgages and Bonds or Notes
§ 254-A Right of Election of Mortgagee in Certain Cases
§ 254-B Limitation On Late Charges
§ 254-C Right to a Copy of Real Property Appraisals and Consumer Reports in Certain Cases
§ 254-D Fees by Mortgagee for Direct Payment of Real Property Taxes by Mortgagor Prohibited
§ 255 Construction of Grant of Appurtenances and of All the Rights and Estate of Grantor
§ 256 Construction of Grant in Executor’S or Trustee’S Deed of Appurtenances, and of the Estate of Testator and Grantor
§ 257 Covenants Bind Representatives of Grantor and Mortgagor and Inure to the Benefit of Whom
§ 258 Short Forms of Deeds and Mortgages
§ 259-C Provision in Lease of Real Property for Waiver of Trial by Jury in Actions for Personal Injury or Property Damage
§ 260 Lands Adversely Held May Be Conveyed or Mortgaged
§ 261 Maintenance of Telegraph or Other Electric Wires Raises No Presumption of Grant
§ 265 Fraudulent Intent, Question of Fact
§ 265-A Home Equity Theft Prevention
§ 265-B Distressed Property Consulting Contracts
§ 266 Rights of Purchaser or Incumbrancer for Valuable Consideration Protected
§ 267 Conveyances With Power to Revoke, Determine or Alter
§ 268 Disaffirmance of Fraudulent Act by Executor and Others
§ 269 When Remainderman May Pay Interest Owed by Life Tenant
§ 270 Powers of Courts of Equity Not Abridged
§ 271 Construction of Covenants in Mortgages On Leases of Real Property and Bonds or Notes
§ 272 Construction of Grant of Appurtenances, and All of the Rights and Estate of the Mortgagor
§ 273 What Form of Mortgage On Lease of Real Property
§ 274 Transfers and Mortgages of Interest in Decedents’ Estates
§ 274-A Certificate of Principal Amount Unpaid On Mortgages of Real Property
§ 275 Certificate of Discharge of Mortgage Required
§ 276 Effect of Certain Easements On the Right to Invest in Mortgages
§ 277 Modification and Extension of Mortgage Investment
§ 277-A Powers of Fiduciaries and Others Holding Guaranteed Mortgages or Mortgage Investments
§ 278 Exchange of Mortgage Investment
§ 278-A Sale or Exchange of Certain Real Property or Mortgage Investments Therein Authorized
§ 279 Graduated Payment Mortgage
§ 280 Reverse Mortgage Loans for Persons Sixty Years of Age or Older
§ 280-A Reverse Mortgage Loans for Persons Seventy Years of Age or Older
§ 281 Credit Line Mortgage
§ 282 Mortgagor’S Right to Recover Attorneys’ Fees in Actions or Proceedings Arising Out of Foreclosures of Residential Property

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