1. The owner of any real property used or to be used for a pet cemetery shall file, or cause to be filed, in the office of the clerk or recorder of the county in which the real property is located, a dedication restricting the real property to be used only for such purposes as are usual and customary for the operation of a pet cemetery. Such person shall additionally file a certified copy of such dedication, together with notation of the date, time, book and page of filing by the clerk or recorder of said county, with the secretary of state. Such filing with the secretary of state shall additionally include a copy of a survey map and appropriate zoning approvals as may be reasonably required by the secretary of state.

Terms Used In N.Y. General Business Law 750-N

  • Person: means an individual, corporation, company, partnership, municipality, not-for-profit corporation or any other entity whatsoever. See N.Y. General Business Law 750-A
  • Pet: means any domestic animal that has been adapted or tamed to live in intimate association with people but is not limited to, dogs, cats, rodents, fish, birds, snakes, turtles, lizards, frogs and rabbits. See N.Y. General Business Law 750-A
  • Pet cemetery: means any land, place, structure, facility or building provided by any person for a fee, whether or not for profit, to veterinarians or members of the general public for use, or reservation for use, for the permanent interment or inurnment above or below ground of pet remains. See N.Y. General Business Law 750-A
  • Real property: Land, and all immovable fixtures erected on, growing on, or affixed to the land.

2. The owner or operator of every pet cemetery shall keep adequate records of all purchasers of space for pet remains within the grounds of such pet cemetery.