1. In accordance with the provisions of this section and the regulations of the department, a social services district shall offer and provide non-residential services including but not limited to, information and referral services, advocacy, counseling, community education and outreach activities, and hotline services, to a victim of domestic violence whether or not the victim is eligible for public assistance. A social services district may provide such non-residential services directly or may purchase such services from a not-for-profit organization operating a residential program and/or a non-residential program for victims of domestic violence.

2. To the extent that funds are appropriated expressly therefore and a social services district has exhausted its allocation under title XX of the federal social security act, state reimbursement shall be available for fifty percent of the expenditures made by a social services district for those non-residential services provided to victims of domestic violence which are included in the social services district’s multi-year consolidated services plans and annual implementation reports approved by the department pursuant to section thirty-four-a of this chapter.