(a) There is established an interagency task force on trafficking in persons, which shall consist of the following members or their designees:

Terms Used In N.Y. Social Services Law 483-EE

  • Minority leader: See Floor Leaders
  • Prosecute: To charge someone with a crime. A prosecutor tries a criminal case on behalf of the government.
(1) the commissioner of the division of criminal justice services;
(2) the commissioner of the office of temporary and disability assistance;
(3) the commissioner of health;
(4) the commissioner of the office of mental health;
(5) the commissioner of labor;
(6) the commissioner of the office of children and family services;
(7) the commissioner of the office of alcoholism and substance abuse services;
(8) the director of the office of victim services;
(9) the executive director of the office for the prevention of domestic violence; and
(10) the superintendent of the division of state police; and the following additional members, who shall be promptly appointed by the governor, each for a term of two years, provided that such person’s membership shall continue after such two year term until a successor is appointed and provided, further, that a member may be reappointed if again recommended in the manner specified in this subdivision:
(11) two members, who shall be appointed on the recommendation of the temporary president of the senate;
(12) two members, who shall be appointed on the recommendation of the speaker of the assembly;
(13) two members, who shall be appointed on the recommendation of the not-for-profit organization in New York state that receives the largest share of funds, appropriated by and through the state budget, for providing services to victims of human trafficking, as shall be identified annually in writing by the director of the budget; and
(14) one member, who shall be appointed on the recommendation of the president of the New York state bar association; and others as may be necessary to carry out the duties and responsibilities under this section. The task force will be co-chaired by the commissioners of the division of criminal justice services and the office of temporary and disability assistance, or their designees. It shall meet as often as is necessary, but no less than three times per year, and under circumstances as are appropriate to fulfilling its duties under this section. All members shall be provided with written notice reasonably in advance of each meeting with date, time and location of such meeting.
(b) The task force shall:

(1) collect and organize data on the nature and extent of trafficking in persons in the state;
(2) identify available federal, state and local programs that provide services to victims of trafficking, including but not limited to case management, housing, health care, mental health counseling, drug addiction screening and treatment, language interpretation and translation services, English language instruction, job training and placement assistance, post-employment services for job retention, and services to assist the individual and any of his or her family members to establish a permanent residence in New York state or the United States;
(3) consult with governmental and non-governmental organizations in developing recommendations to strengthen state and local efforts to prevent trafficking, protect and assist victims of trafficking and prosecute traffickers;
(4) establish interagency protocols and collaboration between federal, state, and local law enforcement, state and governmental agencies, child welfare agencies, and non-governmental organizations;
(5) evaluate approaches to increase public awareness about trafficking and make recommendations on such approaches;
(6) evaluate the effectiveness of training programs on human trafficking that have been designed for law enforcement personnel, criminal defense attorneys, social service providers and non-governmental organizations, and make recommendations for improving the quality and effectiveness of such programs;
(7) measure and evaluate the progress of the state in preventing trafficking, protecting and providing assistance to victims of trafficking, and prosecuting persons engaged in trafficking; and
(8) convene any subcommittee necessary, provided such subcommittee has at least one of the members appointed by the speaker of the assembly, temporary president of the senate or governor, to consider specific issues, including, but not limited to: federal, state and/or local cooperation; juveniles and human trafficking; the importance of training and who should receive such training; how data is compiled and shared; and services for and treatment of domestic versus foreign born victims.
(c) The task force shall report to the governor , the speaker of the assembly, the minority leader of the assembly, the temporary president of the senate and the minority leader of the senate no less than annually, and it shall additionally issue such reports and recommendations as it deems necessary to carry out its duties and responsibilities.