1.    As used in this section:

Terms Used In North Dakota Code 23-16-16

a.    “Hospital” means an entity required to obtain a license under section 23-16-01. b.    “Sexual assault” has the same meaning as provided under section 12.1-20-07.

c.    “Victim of sexual assault” means an individual who:

(1) States a sexual assault has been committed against the individual;

(2) Is accompanied by another individual who states a sexual assault has been committed against the accompanied individual; or

(3) Hospital personnel or a sexual assault nurse examiner have reason to believe is a victim of sexual assault.

2.    A hospital may not require a victim of sexual assault to submit to a forensic examination or to report the alleged sexual assault to law enforcement.

3.    A hospital without staff specially trained to perform a sexual assault forensic examination may coordinate with a community-based sexual assault nurse examiner nurse program or develop a sexual assault examiner nurse program to ensure all victims of sexual assault who want a sexual assault forensic examination or sexually transmitted infection treatment receive that examination or treatment.