§ 15-52-01 School of medicine and health sciences
§ 15-52-02 Control and operation
§ 15-52-03 School of medicine and health sciences advisory council – Members, terms, meetings
§ 15-52-04 Duties of council
§ 15-52-05 Facilities
§ 15-52-07 Political subdivisions shall use facilities of center
§ 15-52-08 Center may accept grants, gifts, and rentals – Power to contract
§ 15-52-09 Expenditure of proceeds of one-mill levy authorized – Limitation
§ 15-52-10 School of medicine and health sciences revolving loan fund
§ 15-52-15 Duties related to loan fund
§ 15-52-16 Qualifications of loan applicants
§ 15-52-17 Loan investigations
§ 15-52-18 Amount of loans
§ 15-52-20 Loan conditions
§ 15-52-21 Loan agreement – Suit – Defenses
§ 15-52-22 Loan cancellation or suspension
§ 15-52-23 Remedies
§ 15-52-25 Deposit and payment of funds
§ 15-52-26 Availability of funds
§ 15-52-27 Purposes of loan fund
§ 15-52-28 Biennial report
§ 15-52-29 Training of psychiatric personnel
§ 15-52-30 Contracts or agreements authorized – Legislative intent
§ 15-52-31 Admission of students – Qualifications

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