The county engineer shall make and keep, in a book provided for that purpose, an accurate record of all surveys made by him or his deputies for the purpose of locating any land or road lines, or fixing any corner or monument by which it may be determined, whether official or otherwise. Such surveys shall include corners, distances, azimuths, angles, calculations, plats, and a description of the monuments set up, with such references thereto as will aid in finding the names of the parties for whom the surveys are made, and the date of making such surveys. Such book shall be kept as a public record by the engineer at his office, and it shall be at all proper times open to inspection and examination by all persons interested therein. Any other surveys made in the county by competent surveyors, certified by such surveyor to be correct and deemed worthy of preservation, may, by order of the board of county commissioners, be recorded by the engineer.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953.