§ 18.43.010 General provisions
§ 18.43.020 Definitions
§ 18.43.030 Board of registration — Members — Terms — Qualifications — Compensation and travel expenses
§ 18.43.033 Pro tem board members — Limits — Duties
§ 18.43.035 Bylaws — Employees — Rules — Periodic reports and roster
§ 18.43.040 Registration requirements
§ 18.43.050 Application — Registration fees
§ 18.43.060 Examinations
§ 18.43.070 Certificates and seals
§ 18.43.075 Retired status certificate
§ 18.43.080 Expiration and renewals of certificates — Fees — Continuing professional development
§ 18.43.100 Registration of out-of-state applicants
§ 18.43.105 Disciplinary action — Prohibited conduct, acts, conditions
§ 18.43.110 Discipline of registrant — Board’s power — Unprofessional conduct — Reissuance of certificate of registration
§ 18.43.120 Violations and penalties
§ 18.43.130 Excepted services — Fees
§ 18.43.150 Fees — Duty of board to set — Disposition
§ 18.43.170 Registration suspension — Noncompliance with support order — Reissuance
§ 18.43.180 Uniform regulation of business and professions act
§ 18.43.190 Military training or experience
§ 18.43.200 Agreement with department of licensing
§ 18.43.900 Short title

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  • Allegation: something that someone says happened.
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  • person: may be construed to include the United States, this state, or any state or territory, or any public or private corporation or limited liability company, as well as an individual. See Washington Code 1.16.080
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  • Statute: A law passed by a legislature.
  • Testimony: Evidence presented orally by witnesses during trials or before grand juries.