§ 61.005 Employment of county engineer by county commission not required
§ 61.011 County highway administrator, office created, responsibility (certain first ..
§ 61.031 Compensation (certain first class counties)
§ 61.041 Bond, conditions of, cost, how paid (certain first class counties)
§ 61.051 Employees, employment and compensation of (certain first class counties)
§ 61.061 Administrator’s powers and duties — written report, failure to file, effect …
§ 61.071 Inspections, when made — action to be taken, report of (certain first class …
§ 61.091 Reports to county commission, when made, contents of (certain first class ..
§ 61.101 To perform duties as land surveyor, when — appointment of person to perform …
§ 61.111 Orders of courts of record for surveying to be executed — records to be …
§ 61.131 Pecuniary interest in certain transactions prohibited, penalty (certain ..
§ 61.141 Fees for surveys, advance payment required (certain first class counties)
§ 61.151 Seal of office — survey as evidence, when (certain first class counties).
§ 61.156 Office of highway engineer abolished (certain first class counties)
§ 61.160 Appointment (second, third and fourth class counties)
§ 61.167 Qualifications (certain second and third class counties)
§ 61.170 Qualifications (certain third and fourth class counties)
§ 61.180 Bond (second, third and fourth class counties)
§ 61.190 Compensation, amount (second, third and fourth class counties)
§ 61.200 Appointment — compensation — assistants (second, third and fourth class …
§ 61.210 Duties as custodian of tools and machinery (second, third and fourth class ..
§ 61.220 Supervisory duties (second, third and fourth class counties)
§ 61.240 General duties (second, third and fourth class counties)
§ 61.243 Duties (certain counties)
§ 61.250 Failure of overseer to follow instructions — penalty (second, third and …
§ 61.260 Annual meeting of road overseers (second, third and fourth class counties)
§ 61.270 Reports (second, third and fourth class counties)
§ 61.280 Annual statement — road map (second, third and fourth class counties).
§ 61.290 Failure to perform duties — penalty (second, third and fourth class counties).
§ 61.300 Shall not be sales agent (second, third and fourth class counties)

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