In addition to the duties set forth in ORS § 146.015 the State Medical Examiner Advisory Board shall:

(1) Recommend to the Oregon Department of Administrative Services the qualifications and compensation for the positions of Chief Medical Examiner and Deputy State Medical Examiner.

(2) Recommend to the county courts the compensation of the district medical examiners and assistant district medical examiners.

(3) Recommend to district medical examiners and district attorneys the qualifications for medical-legal death investigators.

(4) Approve or disapprove of a single district medical examiner’s office for two or more counties as provided by ORS § 146.065 (5).

(5) Recommend a proposed budget for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to the Department of State Police.

(6) Annually review the Chief Medical Examiner’s report prescribed by ORS § 146.055 and report to the Superintendent of State Police and to the State Board of Health regarding the operation of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. [1973 c.408 § 3; 1995 c.744 § 10; 2017 c.151 § 5]


[1959 c.629 § 10; 1965 c.221 § 15; repealed by 1973 c.408 § 35]