(1) The district medical examiner and the district attorney for the county where death occurs, as provided by ORS 146.100 (2), shall be responsible for the investigation of all deaths requiring investigation.

(2) The medical examiner shall certify the manner and the cause of all deaths which the medical examiner is required to investigate. The report of death shall be submitted to a county registrar as required by ORS 432.133.

(3) The medical examiner shall make a report of death investigation to the Chief Medical Examiner as soon as possible after being notified of a death requiring investigation.

(4) Within five days after notification of a death requiring investigation, the medical examiner shall make a written report of the investigation and file it in the district medical examiner’s office.

(5) The district medical examiner shall supervise the assistant district medical examiners and medical-legal death investigators in cooperation with the district attorney.

(6) The district medical examiner shall regularly conduct administrative training programs for the assistant district medical examiners, medical-legal death investigators and law enforcement agencies. [1973 c.408 § 9; 2013 c.366 § 67; 2017 c.151 § 13]