Chapter 16-1 State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Chapter 16-2 School Committees and Superintendents
Chapter 16-2.1 Civic Education Commission
Chapter 16-3 Establishment of Regional School Districts
Chapter 16-3.1 Cooperative Service Among School Districts
Chapter 16-3.2 School and Family Empowerment Act
Chapter 16-4 Permanent School Fund
Chapter 16-5 State Aid
Chapter 16-7 Foundation Level School Support
Chapter 16-7.1 The Paul W. Crowley Rhode Island Student Investment Initiative
Chapter 16-7.2 The Education Equity and Property Tax Relief Act
Chapter 16-8 Federal Aid
Chapter 16-9 School Funds and Property
Chapter 16-11 Certification of Teachers
Chapter 16-11.1 Athletic Coaches
Chapter 16-11.2 Qualifications of Teacher Assistants
Chapter 16-11.3 State-Wide Early Reading Success Institute
Chapter 16-11.4 Rhode Island Certification Standards Board
Chapter 16-12 Rights and Duties of Teachers Generally
Chapter 16-12.1 School Administrators’ Rights
Chapter 16-13 Teachers’ Tenure
Chapter 16-15 Teachers’ Pensions
Chapter 16-16 Teachers’ Retirement
Chapter 16-17 Retirement of Teachers in State Schools
Chapter 16-17.1 Alternate Provisions for Retirement of Teachers in State Colleges
Chapter 16-17.2 Compact for Pension Portability for Educators
Chapter 16-19 Compulsory Attendance
Chapter 16-20 Holidays and Days of Special Observance
Chapter 16-21 Health and Safety of Pupils
Chapter 16-21.1 Transportation of School Pupils Beyond City and Town Limits
Chapter 16-21.2 The Rhode Island Substance Abuse Prevention Act
Chapter 16-21.3 The Rhode Island Student Assistance Junior High/Middle School Act
Chapter 16-21.4 Performance-Enhancing Dietary Supplements and High School Athletes
Chapter 16-21.5 Student Interrogations
Chapter 16-21.6 Internet Filtering in Schools
Chapter 16-22 Curriculum
Chapter 16-22.1 The Statewide Virtual Education Act
Chapter 16-22.2 Biliteracy Seal
Chapter 16-23 Textbooks
Chapter 16-24 Children With Disabilities
Chapter 16-24.1 The Rhode Island Autism Spectrum Disorder Education Act
Chapter 16-25.1 Braille Instruction for Blind Students
Chapter 16-25.2 Instruction for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Students
Chapter 16-25.3 School Speech and Language Pathologists
Chapter 16-25.4 American Sign Language
Chapter 16-26 School for the Deaf
Chapter 16-26.1 Rhode Island Vision Education and Services Program
Chapter 16-29 Americanization Schools
Chapter 16-32 University of Rhode Island
Chapter 16-32.1 The University of Rhode Island Research Foundation Act
Chapter 16-33 Rhode Island College
Chapter 16-33.1 Community College of Rhode Island
Chapter 16-35 School of Design
Chapter 16-38 Offenses Pertaining to Schools
Chapter 16-39 Controversies in School Matters
Chapter 16-40 Private Schools
Chapter 16-40.1 Funds for Nonpublic School Record Keeping
Chapter 16-41 New England Higher Education Compact
Chapter 16-42 Education of Gifted Children
Chapter 16-42.1 Rhode Island Academy for Gifted and Talented Students
Chapter 16-42.2 Rhode Island Academy for Gifted and Talented Limited English Proficient Students
Chapter 16-43 Educational Programs Under the Vocational and Applied Technology Education Act
Chapter 16-44 Community Colleges
Chapter 16-45 Regional Vocational Schools
Chapter 16-45.1 Career and Technical Education
Chapter 16-48 Educational Services to Very Young Children
Chapter 16-48.1 Certification of Personnel Providing Educational Services to Very Young Children
Chapter 16-50 Correspondence Schools, Home Study, and Related Courses
Chapter 16-52 Maintenance of Order on Campus
Chapter 16-53 Rhode Island Board of Trustees on Career and Technical Education
Chapter 16-53.1 Rhode Island School Improvement Team Act
Chapter 16-54 Education of Limited English Proficient Students
Chapter 16-55 Educational Benefits for Persons Over Sixty
Chapter 16-56 Postsecondary Student Financial Assistance
Chapter 16-57 Rhode Island Higher Education Assistance Act
Chapter 16-59 Council on Postsecondary Education
Chapter 16-60 Council on Elementary and Secondary Education
Chapter 16-62 The Rhode Island Student Loan Authority
Chapter 16-62.1 Nursing Loan Repayment Program
Chapter 16-63 Adult Education
Chapter 16-64 Residence of Children for School Purposes
Chapter 16-65 Continuing Education for Legislators
Chapter 16-66 The Rhode Island School Staff Institute
Chapter 16-67 Rhode Island Literacy and Dropout Prevention Act
Chapter 16-67.1 Rhode Island High School Dropout Prevention Act of 2007
Chapter 16-69 60/40 Funding of Public Schools
Chapter 16-70 The College Crusade Scholarship
Chapter 16-71 The Rhode Island Educational Records Bill of Rights
Chapter 16-72 Rhode Island Challenge Grants Act
Chapter 16-73 Education — Social Services
Chapter 16-74 Guaranteed Student Entitlement
Chapter 16-76 Sexual Harassment in Higher Education
Chapter 16-76.1 Harassment at Institutions of Higher Education
Chapter 16-76.2 Alcohol and/or Drug Use Amnesty for Reporters of Incidents of Violence at Institutions of Higher Education
Chapter 16-77 Establishment of Charter Public Schools
Chapter 16-77.1 Funding of Charter Public Schools
Chapter 16-77.2 District Charter School
Chapter 16-77.3 Independent Charter Schools
Chapter 16-77.4 Mayoral Academies
Chapter 16-78 Allergic Emergencies in Institutions of Higher Education
Chapter 16-80 Rhode Island School-to-Career Transition Act of 1996
Chapter 16-81 Right To A Safe School In Higher Education
Chapter 16-82 The Rhode Island Urban Education Act Of 1998
Chapter 16-83 The Rhode Island Middle School Reform Act of 2004
Chapter 16-84 Public Higher Education Academic Excellence and Student Access Endowment Incentive Program
Chapter 16-85 Lindsay Ann Burke Act
Chapter 16-86 Rhode Island Community Supports Academy
Chapter 16-87 Rhode Island Prekindergarten Education Act
Chapter 16-88 Rhode Island After School and Summer Learning Program Act
Chapter 16-89 Uniform School District Grant, Gift and Donation Acceptance and Expenditure Act of 2009
Chapter 16-90 High School Outcomes Improvement Act of 2009
Chapter 16-91 School and Youth Programs Concussion Act
Chapter 16-91.1 The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act
Chapter 16-92 Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children
Chapter 16-93 Holocaust and Genocide Education in Secondary Schools
Chapter 16-94 The Rhode Island Family Engagement Advisory Council
Chapter 16-95 The Recovery High Schools Act
Chapter 16-96 The College and Career Success for All Students Act
Chapter 16-97 The Rhode Island Board of Education Act
Chapter 16-98 Access to Advanced Placement Courses for All Students Act
Chapter 16-99 Full-Day Kindergarten Accessibility Act
Chapter 16-100 Dual Enrollment Equal Opportunity Act
Chapter 16-101 Academic Credit For Military Service
Chapter 16-102 The Rhode Island Teachers’ Advisory Council
Chapter 16-103 Student Social Media Privacy
Chapter 16-104 Student Data-Cloud Computing
Chapter 16-105 School Building Authority
Chapter 16-106 The Performance Incentive Funding Act of 2016
Chapter 16-107 Rhode Island Promise Scholarship
Chapter 16-108 All Students Count Act
Chapter 16-109 Student Journalists’ Freedom of Expression Act