Terms Used In South Carolina Code 44-75-100

  • Athletic trainer: means an allied health professional with specific qualifications as set forth in Section 44-75-50 who, upon the advice and consent of a licensed physician, carries out the practice of care, prevention, and physical rehabilitation of athletic injuries, and who, in carrying out these functions, may use physical modalities, including, but not limited to, heat, light, sound, cold, electricity, or mechanical devices related to rehabilitation and treatment. See South Carolina Code 44-75-20
For purposes of this chapter, a person is engaged as an athletic trainer if the person is employed on a salary or contractual basis by an educational institution, a hospital, a rehabilitation clinic, a physician’s office, an industry, a performing arts group, a professional athletic organization, the military, a governmental agency, or other bona fide organization which employs or serves a physically active population and performs the duties of athletic trainer as a major responsibility of this employment.