(a) The department, with the advice of the Athletic Trainers’ Advisory Committee, must develop standards and prescribe regulations for the improvement of athletic training services in the State. All administrative responsibility for this program is vested in the department.

(b) An Athletic Trainers’ Advisory Committee is created consisting of nine members appointed by the board. Two members must be from the department, one must be from the State Board of Medical Examiners, four must be certified athletic trainers, and two must be from the general public who are not certified or licensed in any health care field and are not connected in any way with athletic trainers.

Terms Used In South Carolina Code 44-75-30

Membership on the committee is by appointment by the board. The terms of the members are for four years or until successors are appointed except that of those first appointed four are appointed to a term of two years.

The committee must meet at least once each year to review the standards and regulations for improving athletic training services and make recommendations to the department.