Nothing in this chapter prevents:

(a) Licensed, registered, or certified professionals such as physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and chiropractors from practicing their professions if they do not hold themselves out to the public by any title or description as being athletic trainers.

Terms Used In South Carolina Code 44-75-80

  • Athletic trainer: means an allied health professional with specific qualifications as set forth in § 44-75-50 who, upon the advice and consent of a licensed physician, carries out the practice of care, prevention, and physical rehabilitation of athletic injuries, and who, in carrying out these functions, may use physical modalities, including, but not limited to, heat, light, sound, cold, electricity, or mechanical devices related to rehabilitation and treatment. See South Carolina Code 44-75-20
  • Department: means the Department of Health and Environmental Control. See South Carolina Code 44-75-20

(b) A person from rendering services that are the same as or similar to those within the scope of practice provided for in this chapter so long as he is otherwise now employed or employed in the future as a faculty or staff member at the school in question and does not represent himself to be an athletic trainer.

(c) The continued employment of persons employed on the effective date of this chapter by the State Department of Education, local boards of education, or private secondary or elementary schools for the treatment of injuries received by students participating in school sports activities.

(d) Any person from serving as a student-trainer or in any similar position if service is carried out under the supervision of a physician or certified athletic trainer.