The department is authorized to adopt administrative regulations to carry out the purposes of this chapter. The regulations may include procedures under which the department, upon receiving a request for personal information that is not subject to disclosure in accordance with the exception provisions of §§ 55-25-105 — 55-25-107, may mail a copy of the request to each individual who is the subject of the information, informing the individual of the request, together with a statement to the effect that disclosure is prohibited and will not be made unless the individual affirmatively elects to waive the individual’s right to privacy under this chapter.

Terms Used In Tennessee Code 55-25-111

  • Department: means the department of safety, the department of revenue and the county clerk's office when acting as an agent of these departments, or the duly authorized agents or contractors thereof, responsible to compile and maintain motor vehicle records. See Tennessee Code 55-25-103
  • Personal information: means information that identifies a person, including an individual's photograph, or computerized image, social security number, driver identification number, name, address excluding the five-digit zip code, telephone number, and medical or disability information, but does not include information on vehicular accidents, driving or equipment-related violations, and driver license or registration status. See Tennessee Code 55-25-103