• As used in this part:
    • (1) “Abandoned aircraft” means:

      • Terms Used In Tennessee Code 66-29-301

        (A) An aircraft left in a wrecked, inoperative, or partially dismantled condition on a public-use airport; and

      • (B) An aircraft that has remained in an idle state on a public-use airport for forty-five (45) consecutive calendar days without a contractual agreement between the owner or operator of the aircraft and the airport authority for use of the airport premises;

    • (2) “Airport authority” means an authority created pursuant to title 42, chapter 3, 4, or 5;

    • (3) “Derelict aircraft” means any aircraft that is not in a flyable condition, does not have a current certificate of air worthiness issued by the federal aviation administration, and is not in the process of actively being repaired; and

    • (4) “Public-use airport” is an airport owned or controlled by an airport authority.