(a) The legislature shall appropriate a development grant fund. On receipt of a report under Section 782.008(f), the legislature may release appropriate development grant funds in block grant form to be used by a commission in accordance with the commission’s report.
(b) The governor shall encourage each commission and reviewing state agency to follow procedures that consider the following factors when developing recommendations and funding for recommendations, setting priorities, and taking other appropriate actions:
(1) the relationship of the project to the overall cultural basin development, including its location in an area determined to have a significant potential for growth;
(2) the population and area to be served by the project and the relative per capita income and the unemployment rates in the area;
(3) the relative financial resources available to the state or political subdivision that will undertake the project;
(4) the importance of the project in relation to other projects that may be in competition for the same funds;
(5) the prospects that the project, on a continuing rather than a temporary basis, will improve the opportunities for employment, the average level of income, or the economic and social development of the area served by the project; and
(6) any possible environmental impact of the project.

Terms Used In Texas Government Code 782.013