(a) This chapter applies only to a residential subdivision that is subject to restrictions or provisions in a declaration that authorize the property owners’ association to collect regular or special assessments on all or a majority of the property in the subdivision.
(b) Except as otherwise provided by this chapter, this chapter applies only to a property owners’ association that requires mandatory membership in the association for all or a majority of the owners of residential property within the subdivision subject to the association’s dedicatory instruments.

Terms Used In Texas Property Code 209.003

(c) This chapter applies to a residential property owners’ association regardless of whether the entity is designated as a “homeowners’ association,” “community association,” or similar designation in the restrictions or dedicatory instrument.
(d) This chapter does not apply to a condominium as defined by Section 81.002 or 82.003.
(e) The following provisions of this chapter do not apply to a property owners’ association that is a mixed-use master association that existed before January 1, 1974, and that does not have the authority under a dedicatory instrument or other governing document to impose fines:
(1) Section 209.005(c);
(2) Section 209.0056;
(3) Section 209.0057;
(4) Section 209.0058;
(5) Section 209.00592; and
(6) Section 209.0062.