(a) An annual meeting of members of a property owners’ association must be conducted in accordance with the association’s dedicatory instruments.
(b) Unless otherwise provided by a dedicatory instrument, an annual meeting of the property owners’ association members is open to association members and must be held in a county in which all or part of the property governed by the association is located or in a county adjacent to that county.

Terms Used In Texas Property Code 215.006

(c) Unless otherwise provided by a dedicatory instrument, the board shall give members notice of the date, time, place, and subject of an annual or special meeting of the members. The notice must be delivered to each member not later than the 10th day and not earlier than the 60th day before the date of the meeting.
(d) A notice under Subsection (c) must be posted in a conspicuous manner reasonably designed to provide notice to association members:
(1) in a place located outside the corporate offices of the association that is accessible by the general membership during normal business hours; or
(2) on any Internet website maintained by the association.
(e) Unless otherwise provided by a dedicatory instrument, any number of the members may attend the meeting by use of videoconferencing or a similar telecommunication method for purposes of establishing full participation in the meeting.