§ 54.1-3400 Citation
§ 54.1-3401 (Effective until July 1, 2020) Definitions
§ 54.1-3401 v2 (Effective July 1, 2020) Definitions
§ 54.1-3401.1 Repealed
§ 54.1-3402 Repealed
§ 54.1-3403 Chapter not applicable to economic poisons
§ 54.1-3404 Inventories of controlled substances required of certain persons; contents and form of record
§ 54.1-3405 Access to and copies of records; inspections
§ 54.1-3406 Records confidential; disclosure of information about violations of federal law
§ 54.1-3407 Analysis of controlled substances
§ 54.1-3408 Professional use by practitioners
§ 54.1-3408.01 Requirements for prescriptions
§ 54.1-3408.02 (Effective until July 1, 2020) Transmission of prescriptions
§ 54.1-3408.02 v2 (Effective July 1, 2020) Transmission of prescriptions
§ 54.1-3408.03 Dispensing of therapeutically equivalent drug product permitted
§ 54.1-3408.04 Dispensing of interchangeable biosimilars permitted
§ 54.1-3408.05 Use of FDA-approved substance upon publication of final rule
§ 54.1-3408.1 Prescription in excess of recommended dosage in certain cases
§ 54.1-3408.2 Failure to report administration or dispensing of or prescription for controlled substances; report required; penalty
§ 54.1-3408.3 Certification for use of cannabidiol oil or THC-A oil to treat intractable epilepsy
§ 54.1-3408.4 (Expires July 1, 2022) Prescription of buprenorphine without naloxone; limitation
§ 54.1-3409 Professional use by veterinarians
§ 54.1-3410 When pharmacist may sell and dispense drugs
§ 54.1-3410.1 Requirements for radiopharmaceuticals
§ 54.1-3410.2 Compounding; pharmacists’ authority to compound under certain conditions; labeling and record maintenance requirements
§ 54.1-3411 When prescriptions may be refilled
§ 54.1-3411.1 Prohibition on returns, exchanges, or re-dispensing of drugs; exceptions
§ 54.1-3411.2 Prescription drug disposal programs
§ 54.1-3411.2:1 Guidelines for disposal of unused drugs
§ 54.1-3412 Date of dispensing; initials of pharmacist; automated data processing system
§ 54.1-3413 Manufacturing and administering Schedule I drugs
§ 54.1-3414 Official orders for Schedule II drugs
§ 54.1-3415 Distribution of drugs in Schedules II through VI by manufacturers and wholesalers
§ 54.1-3416 No prescription for preparations listed pursuant to Schedule V
§ 54.1-3417 Disposing of stocks of Schedules II through V drugs
§ 54.1-3418 Sale of aqueous or oleaginous solutions
§ 54.1-3419 Dispensing of insulin preparations
§ 54.1-3420 Distribution of certain drugs; written request or confirmation of receipt
§ 54.1-3420.1 Identification required for filling prescriptions
§ 54.1-3420.2 Delivery of prescription drug order
§ 54.1-3421 New drugs
§ 54.1-3422 Controlled substances registration certificate required in addition to other requirements; exemptions
§ 54.1-3423 Board to issue registration unless inconsistent with public interest; authorization to conduct research; application and fees
§ 54.1-3424 Suspension or revocation of registration, license or permit; limitation to particular controlled substance; controlled substances placed under seal; sale of perishables and forfeiture; notification to DEA
§ 54.1-3425 Repealed
§ 54.1-3426 Regulations for special packaging
§ 54.1-3427 Dispensing drugs without safety closure container
§ 54.1-3428 Dissemination of information
§ 54.1-3429 Revocation of permit issued to manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor
§ 54.1-3430 Display of permit; permits nontransferable; renewal
§ 54.1-3431 Admission into evidence of certain certificates of analysis

Terms Used In Virginia Code > Title 54.1 > Subtitle III > Chapter 34 > Article 1

  • Administer: means the direct application of a controlled substance, whether by injection, inhalation, ingestion, or any other means, to the body of a patient or research subject by (i) a practitioner or by his authorized agent and under his direction or (ii) the patient or research subject at the direction and in the presence of the practitioner. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Adult: means a person 18 years of age or more. See Virginia Code 2.2-812
  • Advertisement: means all representations disseminated in any manner or by any means, other than by labeling, for the purpose of inducing, or which are likely to induce, directly or indirectly, the purchase of drugs or devices. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Agent: means an authorized person who acts on behalf of or at the direction of a manufacturer, distributor, or dispenser. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Anabolic steroid: means any drug or hormonal substance, chemically and pharmacologically related to testosterone, other than estrogens, progestins, corticosteroids, and dehydroepiandrosterone. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Animal: means any nonhuman animate being endowed with the power of voluntary action. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Automated drug dispensing system: means a mechanical or electronic system that performs operations or activities, other than compounding or administration, relating to pharmacy services, including the storage, dispensing, or distribution of drugs and the collection, control, and maintenance of all transaction information, to provide security and accountability for such drugs. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Biological product: means a virus, therapeutic serum, toxin, antitoxin, vaccine, blood, blood component or derivative, allergenic product, protein other than a chemically synthesized polypeptide, or analogous product, or arsphenamine or any derivative of arsphenamine or any other trivalent organic arsenic compound, applicable to the prevention, treatment, or cure of a disease or condition of human beings. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Biosimilar: means a biological product that is highly similar to a specific reference biological product, notwithstanding minor differences in clinically inactive compounds, such that there are no clinically meaningful differences between the reference biological product and the biological product that has been licensed as a biosimilar pursuant to 42 U. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Board: means the Board of Pharmacy. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Bond with surety: includes the payment in cash of the full amount of the required bond and, in such case, no surety shall be required. See Virginia Code 2.2-813.1
  • bonds: as used in this chapter means obligations of the Authority for the payment of borrowed money. See Virginia Code 54.1-3415
  • Bulk drug substance: means any substance that is represented for use, and that, when used in the compounding, manufacturing, processing, or packaging of a drug, becomes an active ingredient or a finished dosage form of the drug; however, "bulk drug substance" shall not include intermediates that are used in the synthesis of such substances. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • City: means an independent incorporated community which became a city as provided by law before noon on July 1, 1971, or which has within defined boundaries a population of 5,000 or more and which has become a city as provided by law. See Virginia Code 2.2-815
  • Co-licensed partner: means a person who, with at least one other person, has the right to engage in the manufacturing or marketing of a prescription drug, consistent with state and federal law. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Compounding: means the combining of two or more ingredients to fabricate such ingredients into a single preparation and includes the mixing, assembling, packaging, or labeling of a drug or device (i) by a pharmacist, or within a permitted pharmacy, pursuant to a valid prescription issued for a medicinal or therapeutic purpose in the context of a bona fide practitioner-patient-pharmacist relationship, or in expectation of receiving a valid prescription based on observed historical patterns of prescribing and dispensing; (ii) by a practitioner of medicine, osteopathy, podiatry, dentistry, or veterinary medicine as an incident to his administering or dispensing, if authorized to dispense, a controlled substance in the course of his professional practice; or (iii) for the purpose of, or as incident to, research, teaching, or chemical analysis and not for sale or for dispensing. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • controlled substance: includes a controlled substance analog that has been placed into Schedule I or II by the Board pursuant to the regulatory authority in subsection D of § Virginia Code 2.2-1106
  • FDA: means the U. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Hashish oil: means any oily extract containing one or more cannabinoids, but shall not include any such extract with a tetrahydrocannabinol content of less than 12 percent by weight. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Immediate precursor: means a substance which the Board of Pharmacy has found to be and by regulation designates as being the principal compound commonly used or produced primarily for use, and which is an immediate chemical intermediary used or likely to be used in the manufacture of a controlled substance, the control of which is necessary to prevent, curtail, or limit manufacture. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • in writing: include any representation of words, letters, symbols, numbers, or figures, whether (i) printed or inscribed on a tangible medium or (ii) stored in an electronic or other medium and retrievable in a perceivable form and whether an electronic signature authorized by Chapter 42. See Virginia Code 2.2-1148
  • Includes: means includes, but not limited to. See Virginia Code 2.2-1109
  • inhabitants: means with reference to any county, city, town, political subdivision of the Commonwealth or any combination thereof, the natural persons in such county, city, town, political subdivision or combination as shown by the unadjusted United States decennial census last preceding the time at which any provision dependent upon population is being applied or the time as of which it is being construed. See Virginia Code 2.2-1128
  • Interchangeable: means a biosimilar that meets safety standards for determining interchangeability pursuant to 42 U. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Label: means a display of written, printed, or graphic matter upon the immediate container of any article. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Labeling: means all labels and other written, printed, or graphic matter on an article or any of its containers or wrappers, or accompanying such article. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Locality: means a county, city, or town as the context may require. See Virginia Code 2.2-1113
  • Manufacture: means the production, preparation, propagation, conversion, or processing of any item regulated by this chapter, either directly or indirectly by extraction from substances of natural origin, or independently by means of chemical synthesis, or by a combination of extraction and chemical synthesis, and includes any packaging or repackaging of the substance or labeling or relabeling of its container. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Manufacturer: means every person who manufactures, a manufacturer's co-licensed partner, or a repackager. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Marijuana: means any part of a plant of the genus Cannabis whether growing or not, its seeds, or its resin; and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of such plant, its seeds, or its resin. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Medical equipment supplier: means any person, as defined in § Virginia Code 54.1-3415
  • practice of pharmacy: as used in this chapter shall be defined as provided in Chapter 33 (§ Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Prescriber: means a practitioner who is authorized pursuant to §§ Virginia Code 2.2-813.2
  • Supreme Court: means the Supreme Court of Virginia. See Virginia Code 2.2-1142
  • Therapeutically equivalent drug products: means drug products that contain the same active ingredients and are identical in strength or concentration, dosage form, and route of administration and that are classified as being therapeutically equivalent by the U. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Third-party logistics provider: means a person that provides or coordinates warehousing of or other logistics services for a drug or device in interstate commerce on behalf of a manufacturer, wholesale distributor, or dispenser of the drug or device but does not take ownership of the product or have responsibility for directing the sale or disposition of the product. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Town: means any existing town or an incorporated community within one or more counties which became a town before noon, July 1, 1971, as provided by law or which has within defined boundaries a population of 1,000 or more and which has become a town as provided by law. See Virginia Code 2.2-1147
  • United States: includes the 50 states, the District of Columbia the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands and the United States Virgin Islands. See Virginia Code 2.2-1147.1
  • USP-NF: means the current edition of the United States Pharmacopeia-National Formulary. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Warehouser: means any person, other than a wholesale distributor, manufacturer, or third-party logistics provider, engaged in the business of selling or otherwise distributing prescription drugs or devices to any person who is not the ultimate user or consumer. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Wholesale distribution: means distribution of prescription drugs to persons other than consumers or patients, subject to the exemptions set forth in the federal Drug Supply Chain Security Act. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401
  • Wholesale distributor: means any person other than a manufacturer, a manufacturer's co-licensed partner, a third-party logistics provider, or a repackager that engages in wholesale distribution. See Virginia Code 54.1-3401