§ 28B.50.010 Short title
§ 28B.50.020 Purpose
§ 28B.50.030 Definitions
§ 28B.50.040 College districts enumerated
§ 28B.50.050 State board for community and technical colleges
§ 28B.50.060 Director of the state system of community and technical colleges — Appointment — Term — Qualifications — Salary and travel expenses — Duties
§ 28B.50.070 College board — Organization — Meetings — Quorum — Biennial report — Fiscal year
§ 28B.50.080 College board — Offices and office equipment, including necessary expenses
§ 28B.50.085 College board — Treasurer — Appointment, duties, bond — Depository
§ 28B.50.090 College board — Powers and duties
§ 28B.50.091 Board to waive fees for students finishing their high school education
§ 28B.50.092 Program for military personnel — Restrictions as to high school completion program
§ 28B.50.093 Program for military personnel — Limitation
§ 28B.50.094 Program for military personnel — Costs of funding
§ 28B.50.095 Registration at more than one community and technical college
§ 28B.50.096 Cooperation with workforce training and education coordinating board
§ 28B.50.097 Electronic job bank
§ 28B.50.098 Appointment of trustees for new college district
§ 28B.50.100 Boards of trustees — Generally
§ 28B.50.102 Boards of trustees — Student trustee
§ 28B.50.130 Boards of trustees — Bylaws, rules, and regulations — Chair and vice chair — Terms — Quorum
§ 28B.50.140 Boards of trustees — Powers and duties
§ 28B.50.141 Credits — Statewide transfer policy and agreement — Establishment
§ 28B.50.142 Treasurer of board — Duties — Bond
§ 28B.50.143 Vendor payments, advances or reimbursements for
§ 28B.50.145 Community or technical college faculty senate
§ 28B.50.150 Out-of-district residence not to affect enrollment for state resident
§ 28B.50.195 Intercollegiate coaches — Minimum standards encouraged
§ 28B.50.196 Intercollegiate coaches — Training to promote coaching competence and techniques
§ 28B.50.205 AIDS information — Community and technical colleges
§ 28B.50.215 Overlapping service areas — Regional planning agreements
§ 28B.50.216 Identification and implementation of potential administrative efficiencies, complementary administrative functions, and complementary academic programs within regional area — Plan — Retention of cost savings — Re
§ 28B.50.242 Video telecommunications programming
§ 28B.50.248 Effect of working connections child care eligibility expansion — Use of existing resources
§ 28B.50.250 Adult education programs in common school districts, limitations — Certain federal programs, administration
§ 28B.50.252 Districts offering vocational educational programs — Local advisory committees — Advice on current job needs
§ 28B.50.254 Advisory council on adult education — Workforce training and education coordinating board to monitor
§ 28B.50.259 Program for dislocated forest products workers — Waiver from tuition and fees
§ 28B.50.271 Opportunity grant program
§ 28B.50.272 Opportunity grant program — Student eligibility — Funding — Performance measures — Documentation — Annual summary
§ 28B.50.273 Identification of grant-eligible programs of study and other job training programs — Marketing
§ 28B.50.274 Opportunity partnership program
§ 28B.50.278 Opportunity employment and education center — Opportunity policy work group — Report by college board
§ 28B.50.281 Curriculum development and funding — Use of federal stimulus funding — Reports — Recognized programs of study under RCW 28B.50.273 — Prioritization of workforce training programs
§ 28B.50.282 Evergreen jobs training account — Grants
§ 28B.50.286 Opportunity express account
§ 28B.50.295 Emergency assistance grant program
§ 28B.50.305 Seattle Vocational Institute — Findings
§ 28B.50.306 Seattle Vocational Institute — Mission — Advisory committee to advise
§ 28B.50.307 Seattle Vocational Institute — Funding
§ 28B.50.320 Fees and other income — Deposit — Disbursement
§ 28B.50.328 Waivers of tuition and fees — Scholarships — Employment of instructional staff and faculty — Seattle Vocational Institute
§ 28B.50.330 Construction, reconstruction, equipping, and demolition of community and technical college facilities and acquisition of property — Revenue bond financing — Public bid
§ 28B.50.340 Construction, reconstruction, equipping, and demolition of community and technical college facilities and acquisition of property — Financing by bonds secured by pledge of building fees, grants
§ 28B.50.350 Construction, reconstruction, equipping, and demolition of community and technical college facilities and acquisition of property — Bonds — Requirements
§ 28B.50.360 Construction, reconstruction, equipping, and demolition of community and technical college facilities and acquisition of property — Community and technical college capital projects account — Disposition of building fee
§ 28B.50.370 Construction, reconstruction, equipping, and demolition of community and technical college facilities and acquisition of property — Bonds — Sources for payment of principal and interest on — Funds credited to bon
§ 28B.50.380 Construction, reconstruction, equipping, and demolition of community college facilities and acquisition of property — Bonds — Additional powers incident to bond authorization
§ 28B.50.390 Construction, reconstruction, equipping, and demolition of community college facilities and acquisition of property — Refunding bonds — Authorized — Form, term, issuance, etc. — Exchange or sale
§ 28B.50.400 Construction, reconstruction, equipping, and demolition of community college facilities and acquisition of property — Bonds as limited obligation bonds — Additional means to pay principal and interest on
§ 28B.50.409 Bonds — Committee advice and consent prerequisite to issuance
§ 28B.50.440 Construction of chapter when part thereof in conflict with federal requirements which are condition precedent to allocation of federal funds
§ 28B.50.455 Compliance with section 504 of the federal rehabilitation act of 1973, Title VI of the civil rights act of 1964, and Title IX of the educational amendments of 1972
§ 28B.50.463 Use of false academic credentials — Penalties
§ 28B.50.465 Cost-of-living increases — Academic employees
§ 28B.50.468 Cost-of-living increases — Classified employees
§ 28B.50.484 Health care service contracts — Transferred employees of vocational-technical institutes
§ 28B.50.489 Part-time academic employees — State-mandated benefits — Definitions
§ 28B.50.4891 Part-time academic employees — State-mandated benefits — Reporting eligible employees
§ 28B.50.4892 Part-time academic employees — Best practices compensation and employment — Task force — Report
§ 28B.50.4893 Part-time academic employees — Sick leave
§ 28B.50.4894 Part-time academic employees — Continuous health care eligibility — Employer contributions
§ 28B.50.510 State purchasing and material control, community college purchases
§ 28B.50.515 Community and technical college innovation account — Expenditures — Strategic technology plan — Enterprise resource planning
§ 28B.50.520 Federal funds, receipt of authorized
§ 28B.50.522 Office for adult literacy
§ 28B.50.528 Contracts with adjacent college district for administrative services
§ 28B.50.530 Agreements for use of services or facilities between district boards of trustees and school boards
§ 28B.50.531 Dual high school and college credit for secondary career and technical courses — Agreements
§ 28B.50.532 Completion of industry certificate or credential — Agreements with skill centers
§ 28B.50.533 Contracts with common school districts for occupational and academic programs for high school students — Enrollment opportunities — Interlocal agreements
§ 28B.50.535 Community or technical college — Issuance of high school diploma or certificate
§ 28B.50.536 Test to earn a high school equivalency certificate — Rules — Issuance of high school equivalency certificate
§ 28B.50.551 Leave provisions
§ 28B.50.553 Attendance incentive program
§ 28B.50.600 School district bonds — Redemption of by school district to continue though facility under control of college district board
§ 28B.50.601 School district bonds — Redemption — Facilities under administration of college district board
§ 28B.50.740 School district bonds — Those issued for community and technical college facilities not considered indebtedness under statutory limitations on
§ 28B.50.785 Publication of transferable college-level courses — Course lists for one-year academic completion certificates and transferable degrees
§ 28B.50.789 Online course descriptions — Required materials’ cost information — Reports
§ 28B.50.795 Bachelor of science in nursing program — University Center of North Puget Sound
§ 28B.50.805 Programs that support science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs or career and technical education programs — Selection of colleges — Development of courses leading to a high-demand applied baccalaureat
§ 28B.50.810 Applied baccalaureate degree programs
§ 28B.50.815 Associate degree education for incarcerated adults
§ 28B.50.820 Baccalaureate degree programs — Agreements with state universities, regional universities, or the state college
§ 28B.50.825 Bachelor of science degree in computer science — Bellevue college
§ 28B.50.835 Exceptional faculty awards — Intent
§ 28B.50.8351 Exceptional faculty awards — “Foundation” defined
§ 28B.50.837 Exceptional faculty awards — Established — Community and technical college faculty awards trust fund
§ 28B.50.839 Exceptional faculty awards — Guidelines — Matching funds — Donations — Disbursements
§ 28B.50.841 Exceptional faculty awards — Name of award — Duties of institution — Use of endowment proceeds
§ 28B.50.843 Exceptional faculty awards — Determination of award — Collective bargaining
§ 28B.50.844 Exceptional faculty awards — Eligibility of foundation for matching funds — Endowment fund management
§ 28B.50.850 Faculty tenure — Purpose
§ 28B.50.851 Faculty tenure — Definitions
§ 28B.50.852 Faculty tenure — Rules and regulations — Award of faculty tenure — Maximum probationary period
§ 28B.50.855 Faculty tenure — Written agreement embodying terms of employment furnished faculty
§ 28B.50.856 Faculty tenure — Evaluation of probationer by review committee — Progress report, acknowledgment of receipt — Recommendation as to tenure
§ 28B.50.857 Faculty tenure — Decision not to renew probationary appointment, notice by appointing authority, when
§ 28B.50.859 Faculty tenure — Tenure retained upon reduced work load assignment
§ 28B.50.860 Faculty tenure — Tenure retained upon administrative appointment
§ 28B.50.861 Faculty tenure — Dismissal only for sufficient cause
§ 28B.50.862 Faculty tenure — Certain grounds constituting sufficient cause
§ 28B.50.863 Faculty tenure — Review prior to dismissal — Scope — Recommendations of review committee
§ 28B.50.864 Faculty tenure — Appeal from decision for dismissal — Procedure
§ 28B.50.867 Faculty tenure — Tenure rights upon transfer of employment to another community or technical college
§ 28B.50.868 Faculty tenure — Faculty members currently employed granted tenure
§ 28B.50.869 Faculty tenure — Review committees, composition — Selection of faculty representatives, student representative
§ 28B.50.870 Faculty tenure — For certain educational programs operated in state correctional institutions
§ 28B.50.872 Periodic posttenure evaluation
§ 28B.50.873 Reduction in force of tenured or probationary faculty members due to financial emergency — Conditions — Procedure — Rights
§ 28B.50.874 Transfer of administration of vocational-technical institutes to system of community and technical colleges — Personnel rights
§ 28B.50.8742 Technical colleges — Employee option to reenroll in public employees’ benefits trust
§ 28B.50.8744 Technical colleges — Payment to public employees’ and retirees’ insurance account
§ 28B.50.875 Laboratory services for the analyzing of samples, public agencies may contract with college for
§ 28B.50.877 Technical colleges — Purchase of support services from school districts
§ 28B.50.880 Apprentices — Recommendations of the state board for community and technical colleges
§ 28B.50.890 Apprentices — Associate degree pathway
§ 28B.50.891 Apprenticeship programs or certificate programs — Transferable course credits
§ 28B.50.895 Apprentice education waivers
§ 28B.50.902 Centers of excellence
§ 28B.50.903 Coordination and alignment of aerospace training programs — Aerospace and advanced materials manufacturing pipeline advisory committee
§ 28B.50.912 Transfer of powers from superintendent of public instruction and state board of education to state board for community and technical colleges
§ 28B.50.913 Transfer of powers from Washington institute for applied technology to Seattle Vocational Institute
§ 28B.50.916 Homeless and foster care students pilot program
§ 28B.50.980 Construction — Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships — 2009 c 521

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