(1)   Every resident in or prospective resident of a nursing home has the right to know certain information from the nursing home which would aid an individual in assessing the quality of care provided by a nursing home.

Terms Used In Wisconsin Statutes 50.095

  • Following: when used by way of reference to any statute section, means the section next following that in which the reference is made. See Wisconsin Statutes 403.504
  • Nursing home: means a place where 5 or more persons who are not related to the operator or administrator reside, receive care or treatment and, because of their mental or physical condition, require access to 24-hour nursing services, including limited nursing care, intermediate level nursing care and skilled nursing services. See Wisconsin Statutes 50.01
  • Person: includes all partnerships, associations and bodies politic or corporate. See Wisconsin Statutes 403.504
  • Promulgate: when used in connection with a rule, as defined under s. See Wisconsin Statutes 403.504
  • Resident: means a person who is cared for or treated in and is not discharged from a nursing home, community-based residential facility or adult family home, irrespective of how admitted. See Wisconsin Statutes 50.01
  • State: when applied to states of the United States, includes the District of Columbia, the commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the several territories organized by Congress. See Wisconsin Statutes 403.504
  • Year: means a calendar year, unless otherwise expressed; "year" alone means "year of our Lord". See Wisconsin Statutes 403.504
   (2)   The department may request from a nursing home information necessary for preparation of a report under sub. (3), and the nursing home, if so requested, shall provide the information.
   (3)   By July 1, 1998, and annually thereafter, the department shall provide each nursing home and the office of the long-term care ombudsman with a report that includes the following information for the nursing home:
      (am)    The ratio of nursing staff available to residents per shift at each skill level for the previous year for the nursing home, under criteria that the department shall promulgate as rules.
      (b)    The staff replacement rates for full-time and part-time nursing staff, nurse aides, and administrators for the previous year for the nursing home and for all similar nursing homes in the same geographical area, as determined by the department.
      (c)    Violations of statutes or rules by the nursing home during the previous year for the nursing home and for all similar nursing homes in the same geographical area, as determined by the department.
   (3m)   The department shall prepare a simplified summary of the information required under sub. (3) (am) to (c), as specified by rule by the department. The summary shall be on one sheet of paper and shall be in language that is easily understood by laypersons. The summary shall state that a complete copy of the most recent report of inspection of the nursing home is available from the department, upon request, for a minimal fee.
   (4)   Upon receipt of a report under sub. (3), the nursing home shall make the report available to any person requesting the report. Upon receipt of a summary under sub. (3m), the nursing home shall provide a copy of the summary to every resident of the nursing home and his or her guardian, if any, to every prospective resident of the nursing home, if any, and to every person who accompanies a prospective resident or acts as the prospective resident’s representative, as defined in s. 655.001 (12), if any.