§ 13-3701 Unlawful use of food stamps; classification; definitions
§ 13-3702 Defacing or damaging petroglyphs, pictographs, caves or caverns; classification
§ 13-3702.01 Excavating certain sites; collecting certain specimens; classification
§ 13-3703 Abuse of venerated objects; classification
§ 13-3704 Adding poison or other harmful substance to food, drink or medicine; classification
§ 13-3705 Unlawful copying or sale of sounds or images from recording devices; true name and address of articles; definitions; classification
§ 13-3706 Failure to procure or exhibit a business license; classification
§ 13-3707 Telecommunication fraud; classification; definitions
§ 13-3708 Sale or transfer of motor vehicle; lien disclosure; classification
§ 13-3709 Obtaining cable television services fraudulently; manufacturing, distributing and selling unauthorized decoding devices; classification; definition
§ 13-3710 Obtaining subscription television services; manufacture, distribution and sale of interception and decoding devices; violation; classification; civil remedy; punitive damages
§ 13-3711 Unlawful commercial use of cigarette machines; civil penalties; forfeiture; classification
§ 13-3712 Interruption of or injury to cable television systems; classification
§ 13-3713 Consideration for referral of patient, client or customer; fraud; violation; classification
§ 13-3714 Aggravated or multiple violations of insurance code; classification
§ 13-3715 Unauthorized manufacture, duplication, use or possession of key to a public building; classification
§ 13-3716 Unlawful failure to give notice of conviction of dangerous crime against children or child abuse; classification
§ 13-3717 Unlawful subleasing of motor vehicle; violation; classification; definitions
§ 13-3718 Sale of ticket in excess of regular price; classification; definition
§ 13-3719 Obtaining wireless telecommunications services or wireless telecommunications devices fraudulently; manufacturing, distributing and selling unauthorized decoding devices; classification; definitions
§ 13-3720 Dropping objects from overpass; classification; definition
§ 13-3721 Tattoos, brands, scarifications and piercings; minors; anesthesia; exception; defense; violation; classification; definitions
§ 13-3722 Solicitations for American veterans’ organizations; approval; violation; classification
§ 13-3723 Unlawful operation of a recording device with the intent to record a motion picture; classification; definitions
§ 13-3724 Obtaining utility service fraudulently; classification; definitions
§ 13-3725 Interference with monitoring devices; classification
§ 13-3726 Unauthorized use of the name, portrait or picture of a deceased soldier; civil action; exceptions; classification; definition
§ 13-3727 Unlawful residency; persons convicted of criminal offenses; exceptions; preemption; classification
§ 13-3728 Unlawful purchase or sale of used catalytic converter; classification
§ 13-3729 Unlawful operation of model or unmanned aircraft; state preemption; classification; definitions