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Wisconsin Statutes 941.30 - Recklessly endangering safety

Wisconsin Statutes > Chapter 941 > Subchapter IV > 941.30

Current as of: 2013

   (1)    First-degree recklessly endangering safety. Whoever recklessly endangers another's safety under circumstances which show utter disregard for human life is guilty of a Class F felony.

   (2)   Second-degree recklessly endangering safety. Whoever recklessly endangers another's safety is guilty of a Class G felony.

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Kristine Seery: ...
I was living in Racine,WI, at a hotel with my ex fiance. My ex had been abusive towards me and in June 2012 he was abusive, left with my car and relapsed on crack, and I packed to leave for MN where I am from originally. He was trying to keep me there and not let me leave and was quite abusive and caused a scene in the parking lot where we lived. I tried several times to get in my car (packed with all my belongings and my 90 lb dog. Finally getting the keys, I flee for my life and while doing so my dog is scared out of her wits and jumps on my lap. Driving a clutch with flip flops already difficult.... but I ended up swiping a pickup and my car swerved near two women standing in the lot. I kept going - fearing for my life - to Minnesota where my mother had been very ill and needed me to come anyway. My ex called me later and I asked if there was damage to any vehicles and he said none at all so I didn't go back to make a police report on the swipe. My ex eventually was charged with battery after officers reviewed the surveillience camera video showing the event. He served time for a parole (extended supervised release) violation concurrently with jail time sentenced for the battery conviction (90 days).
A month later I get a call from an investigator that responded to the scene after I had fled. He was not pleasant. Seemed to want to push me to admit to doing something different than what actually happened. I was the victim in the incident, fled in my car, had a 'user error' with the car due to my dog jumping on me (almost popped the clutch) and was on my way to MN where I planned on staying for good (without my ex). The investigator said he had questions about my ex's involvement; however, as the conversation progressed and I stated I was not going to testify to help prosecute my ex, the investigator started explaining to me how I was a defendant in the matter, how he was going to charge me with a felony, and how he would be sending the extradition van for me here in MN. Two days later I called the investigator to let him know I was just too scared to do anything on his voice mail, included my phone number and asked what I needed to do next to get this taken care of, or if I needed to contact some one else. This was in June 2012. I never heard back from the Then while checking on an old parking ticket fee in Racine, I find there is a warrant for my arrest. I have an excellent background - no crimes, minor traffic, was cleared to work with vulnerable adults, minors, and persons institutionalized in a secure facility where I worked in a state hospital for almost ten years as a lead guard. My finger prints are on file in Racine per DOC requirements as I had worked with organizations that were vendors of the WI Dept of Corrections. I have a valid drivers license. I have excellent work history records and letters of recommendations. I have been clean/sober for 24 yrs and active in many service positions over the years in addition to being a sponsor for females coming out of treatment in our community. I have never relapsed. And I have a court date June 6, 2013 (return on warrant/initial appearance) and will be seeking assistance from a public defender as i have no job, receive public assistance (cash/food/medical), and am in the process of filing for social security disability benefits. I have no money. I stay with my mother who is going thru several surgeries for colon and lung cancer and has no one else to be with her during this very critical time. And I am a grandmother and babysit for my daughter and her husband a few times a week for my grandson. I probably can come up with bail money if my father felt I was deserving of it for about $500 I imagine. If I were convicted of a felony, I would lose benefits that I need just to have housing, health care, and food - or lose opportunities to return to my previous type of work in corrections or the State of MN - and even in lesser jobs than previously worked. It would affect my ability to find adequate housing with my limited income. It would make it difficult to volunteer with groups with which I currently volunteer. It would cause problems for me sponsoring teens coming out of Chemical Dependency treatment. Many more issues. I will be accountable, but I just wonder if there is a defense that would fit my situation in having to flee for my life and apparently seemed reckless with intent and disregard for life. Actually, I was trying to save mine and my dog's lives. I haven't received a public defender yet, but will try to apply on Monday. I have attorney friends, but most practice in civil legal matters. So, I'm trying to find all the information on the internet that I can find to help empower me. Any suggestions? Referrals? Case Sources/Language? Thank you very much for your time and assistance. Best regards, Kristine

May 23, 2013

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