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Security Breach Notification

Security Breach Notification

Last Updated September 25, 2011
As recently as 2005, if a company or government agency had a security breach that compromised customers' personal information, there was little chance those customers would hear about it. Times have certainly changed. The first U.S. law requiring notice of security breaches was enacted in California in 2002. It wasn't until a much-publicized breach at ChoicePoint in 2005, however, that the issue received much attention and other states began to follow California's lead. Over forty states have notice laws covering businesses, government agencies or both. Federal bank regulators have also published guidance to financial institutions as to when and how consumers should be notified of a security breach at their institution. These laws, and the bank guidance, vary from each other in many ways:

Security Breach Notification - State Laws

ArizonaArizona Laws > Title 44 > Chapter 32 - Notification For Compromised Personal Information
DelawareDelaware Code Title 6 > Chapter 12B - Computer Security Breaches
HawaiiHawaii Revised Statutes > Chapter 487N - Security Breach of Personal Information
IndianaIndiana Code > Title 24 > Article 4.9 - Disclosure Of Security Breach
IowaIowa Code Chapter 715C - Personal information security breach protection
LouisianaLouisiana Revised Statutes > Title 51 > Chapter 51 - Database Security Breach Notification Law
MaineMaine Revised Statutes > Title 10 > Chapter 210-B - Notice Of Risk To Personal Data
MassachusettsMassachusetts General Laws > Part I > Title XV > Chapter 93H - Security Breaches
New YorkNew York Laws - General Business > Article 39-F - Notification of Unauthorized Acquisition of Private Information
New YorkNew York Laws > General Business > Article 39-F - Notification Of Unauthorized Acquisition Of Private Information
North DakotaNorth Dakota Code > Chapter 51-30 - Notice of Security Breach for Personal Information
West VirginiaWest Virginia Code > Chapter 46A > Article 2A - Breach of Security of Consumer Information

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