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Indiana Code 24-4.9-2-1. Applicability

Sec. 1. The definitions in this chapter apply throughout this article.

As added by P.L.125-2006, SEC.6.

Indiana Code 24-4-9.2-1. “Delivery period”

Terms Used In Indiana Code 24-4-9.2-1

  • shared vehicle: means a vehicle that a shared vehicle owner has made available for P2P vehicle sharing with a shared vehicle driver through a P2P vehicle sharing program. See Indiana Code 24-4-9.2-6
  • shared vehicle agreement: means a written contract:

    Indiana Code 24-4-9.2-11

  • start time: means the time, as identified in the shared vehicle agreement, when the shared vehicle driver is authorized to use a shared vehicle. See Indiana Code 24-4-9.2-9
Sec. 1. As used in this chapter, “delivery period” means a period during which a shared vehicle is delivered to a location identified in the shared vehicle agreement before the vehicle sharing start time.

As added by P.L.253-2019, SEC.3.