§ 1 Short title
§ 1a Definitions
§ 1b Requirements of Secretary of the Treasury regarding exemption of foreign exchange swaps and foreign exchange forwards from definition of the term “swap”
§ 2 Jurisdiction of Commission; liability of principal for act of agent; Commodity Futures Trading Commission; transaction in interstate commerce
§ 5 Findings and purpose
§ 6 Regulation of futures trading and foreign transactions
§ 6a Excessive speculation
§ 6b Contracts designed to defraud or mislead
§ 6b-1 Enforcement authority
§ 6c Prohibited transactions
§ 6d Dealing by unregistered futures commission merchants or introducing brokers prohibited; duties in handling customer receipts; conflict-of-interest systems and procedures; Chief Compliance Officer; rules to avoid duplicative regulations; swap requirements
§ 6e Dealings by unregistered floor trader or broker prohibited
§ 6f Registration and financial requirements; risk assessment
§ 6g Reporting and recordkeeping
§ 6h False self-representation as registered entity member prohibited
§ 6i Reports of deals equal to or in excess of trading limits; books and records; cash and controlled transactions
§ 6j Restrictions on dual trading in security futures products on designated contract markets and registered derivatives transaction execution facilities
§ 6k Registration of associates of futures commission merchants, commodity pool operators, and commodity trading advisors; required disclosure of disqualifications; exemptions for associated persons
§ 6l Commodity trading advisors and commodity pool operators; Congressional finding
§ 6m Use of mails or other means or instrumentalities of interstate commerce by commodity trading advisors and commodity pool operators; relation to other law
§ 6n Registration of commodity trading advisors and commodity pool operators; application; expiration and renewal; record keeping and reports; disclosure; statements of account
§ 6o Fraud and misrepresentation by commodity trading advisors, commodity pool operators, and associated persons
§ 6p Standards and examinations
§ 6q Special procedures to encourage and facilitate bona fide hedging by agricultural producers
§ 6r Reporting and recordkeeping for uncleared swaps
§ 6s Registration and regulation of swap dealers and major swap participants
§ 6t Large swap trader reporting
§ 7 Designation of boards of trade as contract markets
§ 7a-1 Derivatives clearing organizations
§ 7a-2 Common provisions applicable to registered entities
§ 7b Suspension or revocation of designation as registered entity
§ 7b-1 Designation of securities exchanges and associations as contract markets
§ 7b-2 Privacy
§ 7b-3 Swap execution facilities
§ 8 Application for designation as contract market or derivatives transaction execution facility; time; suspension or revocation of designation; hearing; review by court of appeals
§ 9 Prohibition regarding manipulation and false information
§ 9a Assessment of money penalties
§ 9b Rules prohibiting deceptive and other abusive telemarketing acts or practices
§ 9c Notice of investigations and enforcement actions
§ 10a Cooperative associations and corporations, exclusion from board of trade; rules of board inapplicable to payment of compensation by association
§ 11 Vacation on request of designation or registration as “registered entity”; redesignation or reregistration
§ 12 Public disclosure
§ 12a Registration of commodity dealers and associated persons; regulation of registered entities
§ 12b Trading ban violations; prohibition
§ 12c Disciplinary actions
§ 12d Commission action for noncompliance with export sales reporting requirements
§ 13 Violations generally; punishment; costs of prosecution
§ 13-1 Violations, prohibition against dealings in motion picture box office receipts or onion futures; punishment
§ 13a Nonenforcement of rules of government or other violations; cease and desist orders; fines and penalties; imprisonment; misdemeanor; separate offenses
§ 13a-1 Enjoining or restraining violations
§ 13a-2 Jurisdiction of States
§ 13b Manipulations or other violations; cease and desist orders against persons other than registered entities; punishment
§ 13c Responsibility as principal; minor violations
§ 15b Cotton futures contracts
§ 16 Commission operations
§ 16a Service fees and National Futures Association study
§ 17 Separability
§ 17a Separability of 1936 amendment
§ 17b Separability of 1968 amendment
§ 18 Complaints against registered persons
§ 19 Consideration of costs and benefits and antitrust laws
§ 20 Market reports
§ 21 Registered futures associations
§ 22 Research and information programs; reports to Congress
§ 23 Standardized contracts for certain commodities
§ 24 Customer property with respect to commodity broker debtors; definitions
§ 24a Swap data repositories
§ 25 Private rights of action
§ 26 Commodity whistleblower incentives and protection
§ 27 Definitions
§ 27a Exclusion of identified banking product
§ 27c Exclusion of certain other identified banking products
§ 27d Administration of the predominance test
§ 27f Contract enforcement