§ 51 Short title
§ 51a Extension of classification facilities to cotton growers
§ 51a-1 Contracts with cooperatives furnishing classers; amount and type of payment
§ 51b Licensing samplers; revocation and suspension of license
§ 52 Use of nonofficial standards prohibited; sales by sample excepted
§ 53 Licensing classifiers; revocation and suspension of license
§ 54 Classification by Department of Agriculture; certification thereof; effect of certificate; regulations for classification
§ 55 Fees and charges for cotton classing and related services; criteria; disposition of moneys and samples
§ 56 Establishment of cotton standards; furnishing copies of established standards sold
§ 57 Disposition of proceeds of sale of cotton and of copies of standards
§ 57a Agreements with cotton associations, etc., in foreign countries to establish cotton standards
§ 58 General inspection and sampling of cotton
§ 59 Offenses in relation to cotton standards
§ 60 Penalties for violations
§ 61 General regulations, investigations, tests, etc., by Secretary
§ 61a Annual review meetings with cotton industry representatives; purposes, etc.
§ 62 Definitions
§ 63 Liability of principal for act of agent
§ 64 Appropriation for expenses; appointment by Secretary of officers and agents; compensation
§ 65 Separability