Article 1 General Provisions 32-5A-1 – 32-5A-13
Article 2 Traffic Signs, Signals and Markings 32-5A-30 – 32-5A-37
Article 3 Operation and Use of Vehicles Generally 32-5A-50 – 32-5A-62
Article 4 Driving on and Use of Roadways Generally; Overtaking and Passing 32-5A-80 – 32-5A-93
Article 5 Right-of-way 32-5A-110 – 32-5A-116
Article 6 Turning, Starting and Stopping Generally 32-5A-130 – 32-5A-139
Article 7 Special Stops Required 32-5A-150 – 32-5A-155
Article 8 Speed Restrictions 32-5A-170 – 32-5A-178
Article 8A County and Municipal Reduced Speed School Zone Act 32-5A-180 – 32-5A-186
Article 9 Serious Traffic Offenses 32-5A-190 – 32-5A-195
Article 9A Safe Streets Act 32-5A-200 – 32-5A-205
Article 10 Pedestrians’ Rights and Duties 32-5A-210 – 32-5A-222
Article 11 Motorcycles 32-5A-240 – 32-5A-245
Article 12 Bicycles and Play Vehicles 32-5A-260 – 32-5A-266
Article 13 Bicycle Safety 32-5A-280 – 32-5A-286
Article 14 Suspension of Driving Privileges for Alcohol Related Offenses 32-5A-300 – 32-5A-309
Article 15 Possession of Open Container of Alcoholic Beverages in Motor Vehicle Prohibited 32-5A-330
Article 16 Text Messaging While OPerating a Motor Vehicle; Prohbited 32-5A-350 – 32-5A-352