§ 14-297 Definitions
§ 14-298 Office of the State Traffic Administration
§ 14-298a Operation of motor vehicle exceeding posted clearance or load prohibited
§ 14-299 Traffic control signals. Right turn on red
§ 14-299a Traffic signal preemption devices. Penalty
§ 14-300 Crosswalks. Pedestrian-control signals. Regulation of pedestrians and motor vehicles at crosswalks. Pedestrians who are blind or have guide dogs
§ 14-300a Pedestrian street markings near housing projects for elderly persons
§ 14-300b Pedestrian use of crosswalks and roadways
§ 14-300c Pedestrian use of roads and sidewalks. Required to yield to emergency vehicle
§ 14-300d Operator of a vehicle required to exercise due care to avoid pedestrian
§ 14-300e Application of pedestrian rights to solicitation of rides in a motor vehicle and walking on limited access highways
§ 14-300f Vehicles to stop for school crossing guard. Penalties. Issuance of warning or summons upon report of school crossing guard
§ 14-300g Operation of golf carts. Equipment. Insurance
§ 14-300h Special event permit for fire department to use state highway to collect charitable donations
§ 14-300i Vehicle operator to exercise reasonable care when near vulnerable user on a public way
§ 14-301 Through ways. Stop signs
§ 14-302 “Yield” signs
§ 14-303 Designation of one-way streets
§ 14-304 Safety zones
§ 14-305 Bus stops and public service motor vehicle stands
§ 14-306 Taxi stands in front of hotels
§ 14-307 Parking restrictions. Regulations
§ 14-308 Loading and unloading
§ 14-309 Approval of traffic safety measures and traffic control devices, signs or markings. Approval of related municipal regulation or ordinance
§ 14-310 Fraudulent or obstructive signs and signals
§ 14-311 Open air theaters, shopping centers and certain other developments affecting state highway traffic
§ 14-311a New certificate for increase in parking spaces
§ 14-311b Traffic controls for certain parking areas and commercial establishments
§ 14-311c Developed parcels of land separately owned and utilized together for a single development purpose which affects state highway traffic
§ 14-311d Economic development project applications submitted to Commissioner of Transportation or Office of the State Traffic Administration
§ 14-312 Regulations
§ 14-313 Appeal
§ 14-314 Penalties
§ 14-314a Periodic review of traffic control signals and signs
§ 14-314b Injury to or removal of traffic control devices, signs or lights
§ 14-314c Erection of signs to warn operators of presence of deaf persons. Regulations
§ 14-314d Erection of signs stating the requirement of the use of signal lights when changing lanes
§ 14-315 Duties of Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection re street and highway safety and accident prevention