§ 300.010 Definitions
§ 300.015 Police administration
§ 300.020 Duty of traffic division
§ 300.025 Records of traffic violations
§ 300.030 Traffic division to investigate accidents
§ 300.035 Traffic accident studies
§ 300.040 Traffic accident reports
§ 300.045 Driver files to be maintained
§ 300.050 Traffic division to submit annual traffic safety report
§ 300.055 Traffic division to designate method of identifying funeral processions
§ 300.060 City traffic engineer
§ 300.065 Emergency and experimental regulations
§ 300.070 Traffic commission established — powers and duties
§ 300.075 Authority of police and fire department officials
§ 300.080 Obedience to police and fire department officials
§ 300.085 Persons propelling push carts or riding animals to obey traffic regulations
§ 300.090 Use of coasters, roller skates and similar devices restricted
§ 300.095 Public employees to obey traffic regulations
§ 300.100 Authorized emergency vehicles — permitted acts of drivers
§ 300.105 Operation of vehicles on approach of authorized emergency vehicles
§ 300.110 Immediate notice of accident within city
§ 300.115 Written report of accident
§ 300.120 When driver unable to report
§ 300.130 Authority to install traffic control devices
§ 300.135 Manual and specifications for traffic control devices
§ 300.140 Obedience to traffic control devices
§ 300.145 When official traffic control devices required for enforcement purposes
§ 300.150 Official traffic control devices — presumption of legality
§ 300.155 Traffic control signal legend — right turn on red light, when
§ 300.160 Pedestrian control signals
§ 300.165 Flashing signals
§ 300.170 Lane direction control signals
§ 300.175 Display of unauthorized signs, signals or markings
§ 300.180 Interference with official traffic control devices or railroad signs or ..
§ 300.185 Authority to establish play streets
§ 300.190 Play streets
§ 300.195 City traffic engineer to designate crosswalks and establish safety zones
§ 300.200 Traffic lanes
§ 300.205 State speed laws applicable
§ 300.210 Regulation of speed by traffic signals
§ 300.215 Required position and method of turning at intersection
§ 300.220 Authority to place and obedience to turning markers
§ 300.225 Authority to place restricted turn signs
§ 300.230 Obedience to no-turn signs
§ 300.235 Limitations on turning around
§ 300.240 Authority to sign one-way streets and alleys
§ 300.245 One-way streets and alleys
§ 300.250 Authority to restrict direction of movement on streets during certain periods
§ 300.255 Through streets designated
§ 300.260 Signs required at through streets
§ 300.265 Other intersections where stop or yield required
§ 300.270 Stop and yield signs
§ 300.275 Vehicle entering stop intersection
§ 300.280 Vehicle entering yield intersection
§ 300.285 Emerging from alley, driveway or building
§ 300.290 Stop when traffic obstructed
§ 300.295 Obedience to signal indicating approach of train
§ 300.300 Following emergency vehicle prohibited
§ 300.305 Crossing fire hose
§ 300.310 Driving through funeral or other procession
§ 300.315 Driving in procession
§ 300.325 When permits required for parades and processions
§ 300.330 Vehicle shall not be driven on a sidewalk — prohibition on obstruction of ..
§ 300.335 Limitations on backing
§ 300.340 Opening and closing vehicle doors
§ 300.345 Riding on motorcycles, additional passenger, requirements
§ 300.347 Riding bicycle on sidewalks, limitations — motorized bicycles prohibited
§ 300.348 All-terrain vehicles, prohibited — exceptions, operation of all-terrain ..
§ 300.350 Riding bicycles, sleds, roller skates, by attaching to another vehicle, ..
§ 300.355 Controlled access
§ 300.360 Railroad trains not to block streets
§ 300.365 Driving through safety zone prohibited
§ 300.370 Pedestrians subject to traffic control devices
§ 300.375 Pedestrians’ right-of-way in crosswalks
§ 300.380 Pedestrians to use right half of crosswalks
§ 300.385 Crossing at right angles
§ 300.390 When pedestrian shall yield
§ 300.395 Prohibited crossing
§ 300.400 Obedience of pedestrians to bridge and railroad signals
§ 300.405 Pedestrians walking along roadways
§ 300.410 Drivers to exercise highest degree of care
§ 300.411 Distance to be maintained when overtaking a bicycle
§ 300.415 Standing or parking close to curb
§ 300.420 Signs or markings indicating angle parking
§ 300.425 Obedience to angle parking signs or markers
§ 300.430 Permits for loading or unloading at an angle to the curb
§ 300.435 Lamps on parked vehicles
§ 300.440 Stopping, standing or parking prohibited
§ 300.445 Parking not to obstruct traffic
§ 300.450 Parking in alleys
§ 300.455 Parking for certain purposes prohibited
§ 300.460 Parking adjacent to schools
§ 300.465 Parking prohibited on narrow streets
§ 300.470 Standing or parking on one-way streets
§ 300.475 Standing or parking on one-way roadways
§ 300.480 No stopping, standing or parking near hazardous or congested places
§ 300.485 City traffic engineer to designate curb loading zones
§ 300.490 Permits for curb loading zones
§ 300.495 Standing in passenger curb loading zone
§ 300.500 Standing in freight curb loading zones
§ 300.505 City traffic engineer to designate public carrier stops and stands
§ 300.510 Stopping, standing and parking of buses and taxicabs regulated
§ 300.515 Restricted use of bus and taxicab stands
§ 300.520 Application of ordinance
§ 300.525 Regulations not exclusive
§ 300.530 Parking prohibited at all times on certain streets
§ 300.535 Parking prohibited during certain hours on certain streets
§ 300.540 Stopping, standing or parking prohibited during certain hours on certain ..
§ 300.545 Parking signs required
§ 300.550 Commercial vehicles prohibited from using certain streets
§ 300.555 When person charged may elect to appear at bureau
§ 300.560 Duties of traffic violations bureau
§ 300.565 Traffic violations bureau to keep records
§ 300.570 Additional duties of traffic violations bureau
§ 300.575 Forms and records of traffic citations and arrests
§ 300.580 Procedure of police officers
§ 300.585 Uniform traffic ticket to be issued when vehicle illegally parked or stopped
§ 300.590 Warning of arrest sent upon failure to appear
§ 300.600 Cities may adopt ordinance by reference

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