Chapter 1 General Provisions
Chapter 2 State and County Departments and Boards of Human Resources
Chapter 3 Department of Senior Services
Chapter 4 Public Assistance Generally
Chapter 5 Assistance to Needy Blind Persons
Chapter 6 Medical Assistance to Elderly Persons
Chapter 7 Child Care
Chapter 7A Child Care Commission
Chapter 7B Licensed Day Care Evacuation Plan
Chapter 8 Relief and Support of Poor Persons by Counties
Chapter 9 Protection of Aged Adults or Adults With a Disability
Chapter 9A In-Home Services and Equipment for Persons With Developmental Disability
Chapter 9B Alabama Family Trust Board of Trustees
Chapter 9C Bill of Rights for Persons With Developmental Disabilities and Traumatic Brain Injury
Chapter 9D Elder Abuse Prevention Act
Chapter 9E Protecting Alabama\’S Elders Act. Transferred
Chapter 10 Child Support Programs
Chapter 11A Welfare Employment Program
Chapter 12 Kinship Foster Care Program
Chapter 12A Foster Parents’ Bill of Rights
Chapter 13 Criminal Background Checks On Persons Responsible for Children, Elderly, and Disabled
Chapter 14 Individual Development Account Program