09.10.010 General limitations on civil actions
09.10.030 Actions to recover real property
09.10.050 Certain property actions to be brought in six years
09.10.053 Contract actions to be brought in three years
09.10.054 Limits on when certain design, construction, and remodeling actions may be brought
09.10.055 Statute of repose of 10 years
09.10.065 Commencement of actions for acts constituting sexual offenses
09.10.070 Actions for torts, for injury to personal property, for certain statutory liabilities, and against peace officers and coroners to be brought in two years
09.10.075 Actions related to claims based on medical assistance payment fraud
09.10.080 Actions related to escape to be brought in one year
09.10.090 Actions for penalty
09.10.100 Other actions in 10 years
09.10.110 Accrual of cause of action upon mutual, open, and current account
09.10.120 Actions in name of state, political subdivisions, or public corporations
09.10.130 Effect of absence from state or concealment
09.10.140 Disabilities of minority and incompetency
09.10.160 Disability of alien during war
09.10.170 Commencement stayed by injunction or statute
09.10.180 Time at which disability exists
09.10.190 Coexisting disabilities
09.10.200 Acknowledgment or promise
09.10.210 Past due payments
09.10.220 Action arising in other jurisdictions between nonresidents
09.10.230 Certain actions relating to real property
09.10.240 Commencement of action after dismissal or reversal