Chapter 1 Statutes of Limitation Generally
Chapter 2 Specific Statutes of Limitation
Chapter 3 Accrual of Cause of Action; Time From Which Limitation Period Runs
Chapter 4 Tolling of Statute of Limitations: Nonresident Defendant
Chapter 5 Tolling of Statute of Limitations: Concealment
Chapter 6 Tolling of Statute of Limitations: Legal Disabilities
Chapter 7 Survival of Cause of Action After Death of Party
Chapter 8 Limitations on New Action After Failure of Original Suit
Chapter 9 Acknowledgment, New Promise, and Partial Payment

Terms Used In Indiana Code > Title 34 > Article 11 - Limitation of Actions

  • non-revenue water: means the difference between the amount of water that enters a water distribution system and the amount of water provided to users of the water distribution system. See Indiana Code 5-1.2-14-1.2
  • person: has the meaning set forth in IC 34-6-2-103(b). See Indiana Code 34-11-2-11.5
  • Service of process: The service of writs or summonses to the appropriate party.