§ 52-575 Entry upon land to be made within fifteen years
§ 52-575a Action to enforce recorded private restrictions or notations on maps
§ 52-576 Actions for account or on simple or implied contracts
§ 52-577 Action founded upon a tort
§ 52-577a Limitation of action based on product liability claim
§ 52-577b Limitation of action for damages caused by contact with or exposure to phenoxy herbicides
§ 52-577c Limitation of action for damages caused by exposure to a hazardous chemical substance or mixture or hazardous pollutant
§ 52-577d Limitation of action for damages to minor caused by sexual abuse, exploitation or assault
§ 52-577e Limitation of action for damages caused by sexual assault
§ 52-578 Limitation of action for damages caused by change of grade of highway
§ 52-579 Limitation of suit on probate bond; exception
§ 52-580 Settlement of partnership or joint accounts
§ 52-581 Action on oral contract to be brought within three years
§ 52-582 Petition for new trial
§ 52-583 Limitation of action against sheriff, state marshal or constable for neglect or default
§ 52-584 Limitation of action for injury to person or property caused by negligence, misconduct or malpractice
§ 52-584a Limitation of action against architect, professional engineer or land surveyor
§ 52-584b Limitation of actions against attorneys in connection with title certificates or opinions and title searches
§ 52-584c (Note: This section is effective October 1, 2017.) Limitation of actions brought by the state or political subdivision of the state arising out of construction-related work
§ 52-585 Suit for forfeiture on penal statute limited to one year
§ 52-586 Scire facias against garnishee limited to one year
§ 52-587 Suit on bond or recognizance for costs limited to one year
§ 52-588 Suit on note obtained by fraud
§ 52-589 Action of forcible entry and detainer limited to six months
§ 52-590 When defendant’s absence from state to be excluded
§ 52-591 When new action may be brought after time limited
§ 52-592 Accidental failure of suit; allowance of new action
§ 52-593 Action against wrong defendant; allowance of new action
§ 52-593a Action not lost where process served after expiration of limitation period
§ 52-594 Limit for executor or administrator to bring personal action that survives
§ 52-595 Fraudulent concealment of cause of action
§ 52-596 Actions for payment of remuneration for employment
§ 52-597 Action for libel or slander
§ 52-598 Execution or action upon judgment for money damages. Motion to revive judgment
§ 52-598a Limitation of action for indemnification