A. Except as otherwise provided in this article, a recovery care center shall meet the same licensing requirements as prescribed in article 2 of this chapter for health care institutions.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 36-448.52

  • Facilities: means buildings that are used by a health care institution for providing any of the types of services as defined in this chapter. See Arizona Laws 36-401
  • Recovery care center: means a health care institution or subdivision of a health care institution that provides medical and nursing services limited to recovery care services. See Arizona Laws 36-448.51

B. A recovery care center that holds an unclassified health care facility license issued before January 1, 1992 may retain that classification until January 1, 1993 subject to its compliance with the laws and rules relating to unclassified health care facilities. Beginning January 1, 1993, these facilities shall comply with the requirements for recovery care centers and applicable rules governing recovery care centers.