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Terms Used In Arizona Laws 36-448.51

  • Health care institution: means every place, institution, building or agency, whether organized for profit or not, that provides facilities with medical services, nursing services, behavioral health services, health screening services, other health-related services, supervisory care services, personal care services or directed care services and includes home health agencies as defined in section 36-151, outdoor behavioral health care programs and hospice service agencies. See Arizona Laws 36-401
  • Nursing services: means those services that pertain to the curative, restorative and preventive aspects of nursing care and that are performed at the direction of a physician by or under the supervision of a registered nurse licensed in this state. See Arizona Laws 36-401
  • Physician: means any person who is licensed pursuant to title 32, chapter 13 or 17. See Arizona Laws 36-401

1. "Recovery care center" means a health care institution or subdivision of a health care institution that provides medical and nursing services limited to recovery care services.

2. "Recovery care services" means postsurgical and postdiagnostic medical and nursing services provided to patients for whom, in the opinion of the attending physician, it is reasonable to expect an uncomplicated recovery. Such patients are not expected to require intensive care services, coronary care services, or critical care services. Recovery care services do not include surgery services, radiology services, pediatric services or obstetrical services.