This article does not apply to the care given to children by or in:

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 36-884

  • Child: means any person through the age of fourteen years. See Arizona Laws 36-881
  • Child care: means the care, supervision and guidance of a child or children, unaccompanied by a parent, guardian or custodian, on a regular basis, for periods of less than twenty-four hours per day, in a place other than the child's or the children's own home or homes. See Arizona Laws 36-881
  • Child care facility: means any facility in which child care is regularly provided for compensation for five or more children not related to the proprietor. See Arizona Laws 36-881
  • Department: means the department of health services. See Arizona Laws 36-881
  • Guardian: A person legally empowered and charged with the duty of taking care of and managing the property of another person who because of age, intellect, or health, is incapable of managing his (her) own affairs.
  • including: means not limited to and is not a term of exclusion. See Arizona Laws 1-215

1. The homes of parents or blood relatives.

2. A religious institution conducting a nursery in conjunction with its religious services or conducting parent-supervised occasional drop-in care.

3. A unit of the public school system, including specialized professional services provided by school districts for the sole purpose of meeting mandated requirements to address the physical and mental impairments prescribed in section 15-771. If a public school provides child care other than during the school’s regular hours or for children who are not regularly enrolled in kindergarten programs or grades one through twelve, that portion of the school that provides child care is subject to standards of care prescribed pursuant to section 36-883.04.

4. A regularly organized private school engaged in an educational program that may be attended in substitution for public school pursuant to section 15-802. If the school provides child care beyond regular public school hours or for children who are not regularly enrolled in kindergarten programs or grades one through twelve, that portion of the school providing such care shall be considered a child care facility and is subject to this article.

5. Any facility that provides training only in specific subjects, including dancing, drama, music, self-defense or religion and tutoring provided by public schools solely to improve school performance.

6. Any facility that provides only recreational or instructional activities to school age children who may enter into and depart from the facility at their own volition.  The facility may require the children to document their entrance into and departure from the facility.  This documentation does not affect the exemption under this paragraph. The facility shall post a notice stating it is not a licensed child care facility under section 36-882.

7. Any of the Arizona state schools for the deaf and the blind.

8. A facility that provides only educational instruction for children who are at least three and not older than six years of age if all the following are true:

(a) The facility instructs only in the core subjects of math, reading and science.

(b) The facility does not accept state-subsidized tuition for the children.

(c) A child is present at the facility for not more than two and one-quarter hours a day and not more than three days a week.

(d) The instruction is not provided in place of care ordinarily provided by a parent or guardian.

(e) The facility posts a notice that the facility is not licensed under this article.

(f) The facility requires fingerprint cards of all personnel pursuant to section 36-883.02.

9. A facility that operates a day camp that provides recreational programs to children if all of the following are true:

(a) The day camp is accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting organization for day camps as approved by the department.

(b) The day camp operates for less than twenty-four hours a day and less than ten weeks each calendar year.

(c) The day camp posts a notice at the facility and on its website that it is not licensed under the laws of this state as a child care facility.

(d) The day camp provides programs only to children who are at least five years of age.

(e) The day camp requires fingerprint cards of all personnel pursuant to section 36-883.02.