§ 18890 For the purposes of this chapter, the following definitions …
§ 18890.2 (a) (1) An online child care job posting service that …
§ 18890.4 (a) An online child care job posting service or background check …
§ 18890.6 (a) In addition to the authority granted to the Attorney …

Terms Used In California Codes > Business and Professions Code > Division 8 > Chapter 2.3 - Online Child Care Job Posting Services

  • ballot: means any of the following:

    California Elections Code 301

  • candidate: includes any officeholder who is subject to a recall election. See California Elections Code 305
  • City: includes city and county. See California Business and Professions Code 18
  • Equitable: Pertaining to civil suits in "equity" rather than in "law." In English legal history, the courts of "law" could order the payment of damages and could afford no other remedy. See damages. A separate court of "equity" could order someone to do something or to cease to do something. See, e.g., injunction. In American jurisprudence, the federal courts have both legal and equitable power, but the distinction is still an important one. For example, a trial by jury is normally available in "law" cases but not in "equity" cases. Source: U.S. Courts
  • Green Party: means the Green Party of California. See California Elections Code 6850
  • Injunction: An order of the court prohibiting (or compelling) the performance of a specific act to prevent irreparable damage or injury.
  • Litigation: A case, controversy, or lawsuit. Participants (plaintiffs and defendants) in lawsuits are called litigants.
  • moderate sedation: means a drug-induced depression of consciousness during which a patient responds purposefully to verbal commands, either alone or accompanied by light tactile stimulation, no interventions are required to maintain a patient's airway, spontaneous ventilation is adequate, and cardiovascular function is usually maintained. See California Business and Professions Code 1647.1
  • Nominate: means the selection, at a state-conducted primary election, of candidates who are entitled by law to participate in the general election for that office, but does not mean any other lawful mechanism that a political party may adopt for the purposes of choosing the candidate who is preferred by the party for a nonpartisan or voter-nominated office. See California Elections Code 332.5
  • Party: means a political party or organization that has qualified for participation in any primary or presidential general election. See California Elections Code 338
  • Signature: includes either of the following:

    California Elections Code 354.5

  • Voter: means any elector who is registered under this code. See California Elections Code 359