Notwithstanding any provision of section 14-298 or any regulation adopted thereunder, the Office of the State Traffic Administration shall, at the request of a local traffic authority of a municipality, issue a special event permit to allow members of the fire department of such municipality to use a state highway, other than a limited access highway, to collect donations for charitable purposes. No such permit shall be issued except for the use of a state highway at an intersection controlled by a traffic control signal or stop sign where the posted speed limit is thirty miles per hour or less. No permit shall be issued for a period of more than one day. No local traffic authority shall be issued more than two such permits per year per fire company. The issuance of a permit shall be considered an agreement by the municipality to indemnify and hold harmless the state against any financial loss and expense arising out of any claim, demand, suit or judgment resulting from or related to the issuance of the permit or the collection of donations.

Terms Used In Connecticut General Statutes 14-300h

  • Traffic: means pedestrians, vehicles and other conveyances while using any highway for the purpose of travel. See Connecticut General Statutes 14-297
  • Traffic authority: means the board of police commissioners of any city, town or borough, or the city or town manager, the chief of police, the superintendent of police or any legally elected or appointed official or board, or any official having similar powers and duties, of any city, town or borough that has no board of police commissioners but has a regularly appointed force, or the board of selectmen of any town in which there is no city or borough with a regularly appointed police force, except that, with respect to state highways and bridges, "traffic authority" means the Office of the State Traffic Administration, provided nothing contained in this section shall be construed to limit or detract from the jurisdiction or authority of the Office of the State Traffic Administration to adopt regulations establishing a uniform system of traffic control signals, devices, signs and markings as provided in section 14-298, and the requirement that no installation of any traffic control signal light shall be made by any city, town or borough until the installation has been approved by the Office of the State Traffic Administration as provided in section 14-299. See Connecticut General Statutes 14-297
  • Traffic control signal: means any device, whether operated manually, electrically or mechanically, by which traffic is alternately directed to stop and to proceed. See Connecticut General Statutes 14-297