(a) The Commissioner of Housing shall develop a program of loans to homeowners for costs incurred in the repair, replacement or enlargement of subsurface sewage disposal systems that have been determined to be a nuisance in accordance with the Public Health Code. As used in this section, “costs” include technical and installation expenses and stabilization of topsoil but does not include landscaping. Any loan provided pursuant to this section shall bear interest at a rate to be determined in accordance with subsection (t) of § 3-20. Repayment of any loan made to a person with physical disability or a person sixty-two years of age or older may be deferred until such person transfers the property.

(b) No loan shall be made to repair, replace or enlarge a subsurface sewage disposal system on a parcel with more than two dwelling units. Eligibility for loans shall be limited to owners residing in dwelling units served by systems needing repair, replacement or enlargement. Payments of principal and interest on such loans shall be paid to the Treasurer for deposit to the credit of the Housing Repayment and Revolving Loan Fund.

(c) Each applicant shall submit to the commissioner on a form prescribed by him the following: (1) Certification from the district or local director of health that the repair, replacement or enlargement is required pursuant to the Public Health Code and is feasible and that the cost is consistent with the cost of similar repairs, replacements or enlargements in the district or municipality, (2) two itemized estimates of the cost prepared by a subsurface sewage disposal system installer licensed under § 20-341f or a registered professional engineer, and (3) certification by a lending institution regulated by the laws of this state that a loan for the repair, replacement or enlargement of the system has been denied.