§ 249.010 Sewer district organization — petition for
§ 249.020 Determination of population
§ 249.030 Location of sewer district
§ 249.040 Sanitary engineer — appointment, oath, duties, reports, contents
§ 249.050 Notice of hearing
§ 249.060 Objections heard and determined by court — may alter boundaries — costs to ..
§ 249.070 Election on incorporation — notice
§ 249.080 Form of ballot for election to incur indebtedness
§ 249.090 Trustees — bonds issued — tax for interest and sinking fund
§ 249.110 Tax levy to be authorized by voters — election expenses, how paid
§ 249.120 Bonds — denominations — interest — registry — deposit of funds
§ 249.130 Taxes levied, when and how
§ 249.132 Extension of district boundaries, procedure — sanitary engineer appointed — ..
§ 249.134 Hearings on proposed extension, notice — election, when ordered — decree of ..
§ 249.136 Indebtedness authorized — limitations — election required
§ 249.138 Resubmission of indebtedness question after rejection — second resubmission ..
§ 249.140 Trustees, qualifications, election, term
§ 249.150 Biennial elections
§ 249.160 Organization of board of trustees
§ 249.170 Two trustees may make decision
§ 249.180 Vacancies, how filled
§ 249.190 Failure of trustee to qualify — compensation of trustees
§ 249.200 Trustees to furnish bonds
§ 249.210 Trustees shall maintain record of proceedings
§ 249.220 Trustees may promulgate rules and regulations
§ 249.230 Trustees to employ an attorney
§ 249.240 Trustees to provide for payment of salaries, fees
§ 249.250 Unpaid warrants to draw interest
§ 249.255 Public sewer district lien for unpaid charges — disconnection of services
§ 249.260 Trustees to appoint engineer — adoption of sewer plan
§ 249.270 Purchase of maps
§ 249.290 Board may construct and maintain system — not limited to plan on estimates ..
§ 249.300 Sewage disposal plants
§ 249.310 Trustees charged with maintenance of system
§ 249.320 Appropriation of land
§ 249.330 Bids for improvement contracts
§ 249.340 Contractual procedure and work specifications
§ 249.350 Payments on contract — inspection of work
§ 249.360 Subdivision of district
§ 249.370 Powers of board of trustees after adoption of plans
§ 249.380 Detailed plans of lateral system made and filed by engineer
§ 249.390 Election in subdistrict for issuance of bonds
§ 249.395 Funding or refunding bonds authorized — how paid
§ 249.400 Rental charges from abutting property owners
§ 249.410 Delinquent rental charges to bear interest
§ 249.420 Additional lateral sewers in subdistrict
§ 249.422 Fee imposed to repair lateral sewer service lines for certain residential ..
§ 249.423 Collector may add fees for repair of sewer lines to tax bills of property ..
§ 249.424 Lateral sewer line repair, annual fee authorized — submitted to voters, ..
§ 249.425 Metropolitan sewer district, design-build contracts authorized, procedure — ..
§ 249.430 Definitions
§ 249.440 Incorporation of sewer districts by county commission — powers of county ..
§ 249.450 Number of petitioners required — district created by county commission, ..
§ 249.451 Certain counties may assign operation of sewer district to any common sewer ..
§ 249.460 Sewer engineer appointment — duty to advise county commission
§ 249.470 Districts to be established by resolution of commission — countywide sewer ..
§ 249.480 Resolution to be published — hearing of protest
§ 249.485 Sewer district to be separate entity not part of county commission, exception
§ 249.490 County commission may alter district boundaries
§ 249.500 Joint sewers may be established by county commission
§ 249.510 Contract bids
§ 249.515 County commission’s powers — treatment system, violations — compliance ..
§ 249.520 Contractor’s bond — apportionment of costs — assessments — tax bills
§ 249.530 Construction without contract
§ 249.540 Right of condemnation — right to enter private land to survey — sewer lines ..
§ 249.550 Assistants employed by sewer engineer
§ 249.560 Apportionment of expenses — regulation of connections — contracts with ..
§ 249.565 Violation of section or regulation, misdemeanor
§ 249.570 Connection of previously constructed sewers
§ 249.580 Special tax bills
§ 249.590 Record of special tax bills
§ 249.600 County not liable for errors
§ 249.610 Sewer tax bill record — inquiries about taxes — payments
§ 249.620 Collector shall pay holder of tax bill
§ 249.630 Procedure of recording payments
§ 249.640 Special assessment for maintenance and administration — exception, ..
§ 249.645 Charges for sewer service, how computed — notice, hearing — delinquency, ..
§ 249.650 Suits to collect taxes
§ 249.660 Legal aid — how secured
§ 249.663 Dissolution of district when obligations paid — disposition of assets
§ 249.665 Incorporated cities excluded from district, when
§ 249.666 Assets of district within city to vest in city — city assumes liabilities — ..
§ 249.667 Powers of county commission as to city property if district bonds issued
§ 249.668 County commission of certain counties to appoint trustees — term, ..
§ 249.670 Liquidator — appointment — oath — bond — powers and duties
§ 249.680 Liquidator to have full charge of district
§ 249.690 Court defined
§ 249.700 Compensation of liquidator and counsel
§ 249.710 Penalty for nonpayment of tax fixed — prior inconsistent laws repealed
§ 249.720 Abatement of accrued penalties for delinquency
§ 249.730 Court costs not taxed, when
§ 249.740 Court costs may be abated, remitted or not taxed
§ 249.750 Suits dismissed, when — winding up affairs, discharge of liquidator
§ 249.761 Definitions
§ 249.763 Incorporation of district — petition — bond
§ 249.765 Notice of proceedings
§ 249.767 Objections, who may file, disposition — filing and recording decree of ..
§ 249.770 First election of supervisors — terms
§ 249.773 Election of supervisors — terms — vacancies, how filled
§ 249.774 Board members for sewer districts, appointment, terms, vacancies
§ 249.775 Oath of supervisors
§ 249.777 Rights and powers of district — board of supervisors to manage — treatment ..
§ 249.780 Organization of board, quorum, monthly meetings — officers and employees — ..
§ 249.783 Duties of officers
§ 249.785 Charges for sewage disposal — delinquency — interest due when — lien on ..
§ 249.787 Estimate of expenses — tax levy, how collected
§ 249.790 Debt may be incurred, procedure
§ 249.793 Board may issue current revenue bonds
§ 249.795 Refunding bonds, how issued
§ 249.797 Revenue bonds, issuance — effect on fees and charges
§ 249.800 Revenue bonds may be issued without election, when, notice, procedure — ..
§ 249.803 Owner and occupant both liable for sewerage charges
§ 249.805 Refunding of revenue bonds
§ 249.807 Extension of boundaries of district, procedure
§ 249.810 Dissolution of district, procedure
§ 249.820 Certain municipalities may adopt ordinances necessary for compliance with ..
§ 249.822 Agreements as to location and manner of discharge — refusal to receive ..
§ 249.900 Sewer district may by amended decree construct, maintain and operate a ..
§ 249.925 Definitions
§ 249.927 Sewage or storm water facility improvement district, certain city and ..
§ 249.929 Sewage or storm water facility improvement district, procedure to establish ..
§ 249.931 Boundaries of district, how set
§ 249.933 Maintenance costs, assessment may be levied and collected after period for ..
§ 249.935 Assessment for cost of improvement, how calculated — governing bodies may ..
§ 249.937 Plans and specifications, acceptance by governing body, resolution ordering ..
§ 249.939 Plans, specification and assessment role filed with city or county clerk — ..
§ 249.941 Hearing held to consider proposals, plan may be amended — governing body ..
§ 249.943 Construction of improvement completed, final cost computed — governing body ..
§ 249.945 City or county clerk’s duty to mail notice to property owners of assessment ..
§ 249.947 Cause of action to set aside assessment, time limitation
§ 249.949 Assessment to be a lien on property
§ 249.951 Temporary notes may be issued by governing body to pay cost of improvements ..
§ 249.953 Separate account created for each project — balance in fund after project ..
§ 249.955 Amount of bonds and temporary notes, limitation not to exceed ten percent ..
§ 249.957 Tax and special tax bills in certain sections applicable to sewer and storm ..
§ 249.1000 Publicly owned sewer treatment works, responsible for whole sewer system, ..
§ 249.1100 v2 Consolidation of sewer districts permitted, when, procedure
§ 249.1103 Public hearing to be held prior to election for consolidation of sewer ..
§ 249.1106 Ballot language for consolidation of sewer districts — submission of ..
§ 249.1109 Combining of original districts after consolidation approved
§ 249.1112 Board of directors, members, terms, vacancies, expenses
§ 249.1115 Powers, privileges and duties of original districts retained after ..
§ 249.1118 Dissolution procedure
§ 249.1150 District authorized, opt out procedure, powers — resolution may be adopted ..
§ 249.1155 Septic systems to be maintained or pumped every five years — proof ..

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