R. 62-600.100 Scope, Intent, Purpose, and Applicability
R. 62-600.120 Exemptions
R. 62-600.200 Definitions
R. 62-600.300 General Technical Documents
R. 62-600.400 Design Requirements
R. 62-600.405 Planning for Wastewater Facilities Expansion
R. 62-600.410 Operation and Maintenance Requirements
R. 62-600.420 Minimum Treatment Standards – Technology Based Effluent Limitations (TBELs)
R. 62-600.430 Additional Treatment – Water Quality -Based Effluent Limitations (WQBELs)
R. 62-600.440 Disinfection Requirements
R. 62-600.445 pH Requirements
R. 62-600.500 General
R. 62-600.510 Discharge to Surface Waters (Excluding Coastal and Open Ocean Outfalls)
R. 62-600.520 Discharge to Surface Waters – (Coastal and Open Ocean)
R. 62-600.540 Underground Injection
R. 62-600.550 Wastewater Management Requirements for the Wekiva Study Area.
R. 62-600.650 General
R. 62-600.660 Treatment Facility Monitoring
R. 62-600.670 Ground Water Monitoring
R. 62-600.680 Reporting
R. 62-600.700 General
R. 62-600.720 Operation and Maintenance Manual
R. 62-600.735 Operation and Maintenance Performance Report
R. 62-600.740 Compliance and Enforcement

Terms Used In Florida Regulations > Chapter 62-600

  • Aquifer: means a geologic formation, group of formations, or part of a formation capable of yielding a significant amount of ground water to wells, springs, or surface water. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Arithmetic mean: means the value computed by dividing the sum of a set of terms by the number of terms. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Biosolids: means the solid, semisolid, or liquid residue generated during the treatment of domestic wastewater as defined in Chapter 62-640, F. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Chambers: A judge's office.
  • Coastal recreation waters: means those waters defined in 40 C. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Coastal waters: means all estuarine, gulf, or ocean waters which are not classified as open ocean waters. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Department: means the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Design capacity: means the average daily flow projected for the design year which serves as the basis for the sizing and design of the wastewater facilities. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Developed areas: means areas in or adjacent to residential, commercial, or residentially or commercially-zoned areas. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Disinfection: means the selective destruction of pathogens in wastewater effluents, reclaimed water, and biosolids. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Disposal system: means injection wells, effluent outfalls, land application systems, and other facilities utilized for the release of effluents into the environment. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • DOH: means the State of Florida Department of Health. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Domestic wastewater: means wastewater derived principally from dwellings, business buildings, institutions, and the like, commonly referred to as sanitary wastewater or sewage. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • facility: means any facility which discharges wastes into waters of the State or which can reasonably be expected to be a source of water pollution and includes any or all of the following: the collection and transmission system, the wastewater treatment works, the reuse or disposal system, and the biosolids management facility. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Fecal coliforms: means members of the coliform group capable of producing gas from lactose at 44. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Flow: shall mean the following:     (a) For wastewater facilities having a permitted capacity of 100,000 gallons per day or greater, flow values obtained from recording flow meters and totalizers, calibrated at least once every 12 months; and,     (b) For wastewater facilities having a permitted capacity of less than 100,000 gallons per day, flow values obtained by one of the following methods:     1. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Geometric mean: means that nth root of the product of n numbers. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Ground water: means water beneath the surface of the ground within a zone of saturation, whether or not flowing through known and definite channels. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Holding pond: means a storage tank or artificial impoundment or pond constructed above, on, below, or partly below the ground surface that is designed and maintained to store a specific volume of fluid and minimize fluid losses other than those primarily occurring by evaporation; generally, holding ponds are not intended to provide a mechanism for pollutant reduction. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Industrial wastewater: means process and non-process wastewater from manufacturing, commercial, mining, and silvicultural facilities or activities, including the runoff and leachate from areas that receive pollutants associated with industrial or commercial storage, handling or processing, and all other wastewater not otherwise defined as domestic wastewater. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Land application: means the reuse of reclaimed water or the disposal of effluent on, above, or into the surface of the ground through spray irrigation, other irrigation techniques, rapid-rate systems, absorption fields, overland flow systems, or other methods. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • mixing zone: means a volume of surface water containing the point or area of discharge and within which an opportunity for the mixture of wastes with receiving surface waters has been afforded. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Modification: means any alteration, expansion, upgrade, extension, replacement of, or addition to an existing wastewater facility or activity. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Monthly average daily flow: means the total volume of wastewater flowing into a wastewater facility during a calendar month, divided by the number of days in that month, expressed in units of mgd. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Nutrients: shall mean the separately reported values of total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total ammonia, ammonia nitrogen, nitrate plus nitrite nitrogen, organic nitrogen, and ortho-phosphate. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Ocean outfall: means the outlet or structure through which effluent is finally discharged to the marine environment which includes the territorial sea, contiguous zone, and the ocean. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Open ocean waters: means all surface waters extending seaward from the most seaward natural 90-foot (15-fathom) isobath. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Operator: means any person who is in onsite charge of the actual operation, supervision, and maintenance of a domestic wastewater treatment plant and includes the person in onsite charge of a shift or period of operation during any part of the day. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Permitted capacity: means the treatment, reuse, or disposal capacity for which a facility is approved by Department permit expressed in units of mgd. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Permittee: means the owner, operator or other entity to which a permit for a wastewater facility or activity is issued by the Department. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Pollution: means the same as defined in Florida Statutes § 403. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Preapplication treatment: means that level of treatment provided prior to application of reclaimed water or effluent to a land application system. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Remainder: An interest in property that takes effect in the future at a specified time or after the occurrence of some event, such as the death of a life tenant.
  • Reuse: means the deliberate application of reclaimed water, in compliance with Department and Water Management District rules, for a beneficial purpose. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Secondary treatment: means wastewater treatment to a level that will achieve the effluent limitations specified in Rule 62-600. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Secretary: means the same as defined in Florida Statutes § 403. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Surface water: means surface water as defined in Florida Statutes § 373. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Three-month average daily flow: means the arithmetic mean of the three monthly average daily flows calculated during any consecutive three-month period, expressed in units of mgd. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Total chlorine residual: means the chlorine remaining in water or wastewater at the end of a specific contact period as combined and free chlorine, measured analytically by approved methods as combined chlorine residual. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Treatment: means any method, technique, or process which changes the physical, chemical, or biological character or composition of wastewater and thereby reduces its potential for polluting waters of the state. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Treatment plant: means the same as domestic wastewater treatment plant as defined in Florida Statutes § 403. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Underground injection: means effluent disposal or reuse by well injection into underground geologic formations. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Wastewater: means the combination of liquid and water-carried pollutants from residences, commercial buildings, industrial plants, and institutions together with any ground water, surface runoff or leachate that may be present. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Water hammer: means a dynamic pressure caused by the sudden transformation of kinetic energy to pressure energy when a liquid flowing full in a pipeline is abruptly stopped. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Water quality standards: means standards composed of designated present and future most beneficial uses (classification of waters), the numerical and narrative criteria applied to the specific water uses or classification, the Florida anti-degradation policy, and the moderating provisions contained in Chapters 62-4 and 62-302, F. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200
  • Waters: means the same as defined in Florida Statutes § 403. See Florida Regulations 62-600.200