§ 10-144o Definitions
§ 10-145 Certificate necessary to employment. Forfeiture for noncompliance. Substitute teachers
§ 10-145a Certificates of qualification. Specific components of teacher preparation programs
§ 10-145b Teaching certificates
§ 10-145c Election of persons certified provisionally before July 1, 1974
§ 10-145d State board regulations for teacher certificates. Certification of school business administrators; membership in teachers’ retirement system; applicability of teacher tenure law. Certification of computer science teachers. Applicability of elementary educ
§ 10-145e Certification for occupational subjects
§ 10-145f Testing for prospective teachers
§ 10-145g Regulations
§ 10-145h Requirements for certification as a bilingual education teacher
§ 10-145i Limitation on issuance and reissuance of certificates, authorizations or permits to certain individuals
§ 10-145j Employment of national corps of teachers’ training program graduates
§ 10-145k Issuance of international teacher permit
§ 10-145l Waiver from subject area major requirements
§ 10-145m Resident teacher certificate
§ 10-145n Issuance of adjunct instructor permit
§ 10-145o Teacher education and mentoring program. Administration. Three-year plan. Instructional modules. Data system. Guidelines
§ 10-145p Alternate route to certification programs for school administrators. Requirements; exception. Issuance of initial educator certificate upon completion
§ 10-145q Issuance of charter school educator permit
§ 10-145r Survey on reading instruction
§ 10-145s Distinguished educator designation
§ 10-145t Alternate route to certification programs for school support staff. Requirements. Issuance of initial educator certificate upon completion
§ 10-146a Advisory board on state certification of teachers
§ 10-146b Extension of period to complete requirements for teaching certificate. Renewal of certificate, authorization or permit that expires while holder is on active duty with armed forces of United States or ordered out with National Guard. Exceptions
§ 10-146c Interstate agreements and recognition statement to facilitate educator certification
§ 10-146f Waiver of certification requirements for bilingual teachers
§ 10-146g Teachers of specialized courses
§ 10-146h Report re quality of teacher preparation programs
§ 10-148a Professional development. Program audits
§ 10-148b Professional development program re scientifically-based reading research and instruction. Review and assessment of professional development
§ 10-149 Qualifications for athletic coaches of intramural and interscholastic athletics
§ 10-149a Felony conviction or fine pursuant to mandated reporting provisions. Notification by state’s attorney
§ 10-149b Concussions: Training courses for coaches. Education plan. Informed consent form. Development or approval by State Board of Education. Revocation of coaching permit
§ 10-149c Student athletes and concussions. Removal from athletic activities. Notification of parent or legal guardian. Revocation of coaching permit
§ 10-149d Athletic directors. Definitions. Qualifications and hiring. Duties
§ 10-149e School districts to collect and report occurrences of concussions. Report by Commissioner of Public Health
§ 10-149f Sudden cardiac arrest awareness education program. Consent form
§ 10-149g Coaches to annually review cardiac arrest education program. Revocation of coaching permit. Immunity from suit and liability
§ 10-151 Employment of teachers. Definitions. Tenure. Notice and hearing on failure to renew or termination of contract. Appeal
§ 10-151a Access of teacher to supervisory records and reports in personnel file
§ 10-151b Teacher evaluations. Teacher evaluation and support program; development; adoption; implementation; guidelines
§ 10-151c Nondisclosure of records of teacher performance and evaluation. Exceptions
§ 10-151d Performance Evaluation Advisory Council. Responsibilities
§ 10-151e Disclosure of teacher records for purposes of an investigation of child abuse or neglect
§ 10-151f Teacher evaluation and support pilot program
§ 10-151g Neag School of Education study of teacher evaluation and support pilot program
§ 10-151h Training and orientation programs for educators re teacher evaluation and support program
§ 10-151i Audits of teacher evaluation and support programs
§ 10-152 Discrimination in salaries of teachers
§ 10-153 Discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity or expression or marital status prohibited
§ 10-153a Rights concerning professional organization and negotiations. Duty of fair representation. Annual service fees negotiable item
§ 10-153b Selection of teachers’ representatives
§ 10-153c Disputes as to elections
§ 10-153d Meeting between board of education and fiscal authority required. Duty to negotiate. Procedure if legislative body rejects contract
§ 10-153e Prohibited practices of employers, employees and representatives. Hearing before State Board of Labor Relations. Appeal. Penalty
§ 10-153f Mediation and arbitration of disagreements
§ 10-153g Negotiations concerning salaries, hours and other conditions of employment unaffected by special acts, charters, ordinances
§ 10-153h Appropriation
§ 10-153i Designation of statutory agent for service of process
§ 10-153j The making of service of process, notice or demand
§ 10-153k Teacher Negotiation Act applies to incorporated or endowed high schools or academies
§ 10-153l Applicability of employment of teachers statute and teacher negotiation law to incorporated or endowed high schools or academies
§ 10-153m Payment of attorney’s fees in proceedings to vacate or confirm teacher grievance arbitration awards
§ 10-153n Applicability of employment of teachers statute and teacher negotiation law to the Gilbert School in Winchester
§ 10-153o Review of performance of arbitration panel members
§ 10-153p to 10-153r Summary of results of contract negotiations. Monitoring of major economic provisions of contracts. Report concerning contracts to General Assembly
§ 10-153s Negotiation, arbitration and ratification of turnaround plans for commissioner’s network schools
§ 10-153t Turnaround plan referees
§ 10-154 Homes and transportation for teachers
§ 10-154a Professional communications between teacher or nurse and student. Surrender of physical evidence obtained from students
§ 10-155 Emergency teacher training program
§ 10-155d Preparation of teachers. Alternate route programs for teachers, administrators and early childhood education teachers
§ 10-155e Development of programs to assist paraprofessionals to fulfill state certification requirements. Report to General Assembly
§ 10-155f Residency requirement prohibited
§ 10-155g Educational Excellence Trust Fund
§ 10-155h Educational excellence program administered by department. Governor to recommend appropriation for
§ 10-155i Pilot program to assist paraprofessionals
§ 10-155j Development of paraprofessionals
§ 10-155k School Paraprofessional Advisory Council
§ 10-155l Minority teacher recruitment
§ 10-155cc Definitions
§ 10-156 Sick leave
§ 10-156a Duty-free lunch period
§ 10-156b Tenure and sick leave rights of teacher on regionalization of school and on dissolution of regional school district
§ 10-156c Military leave
§ 10-156d Reemployment after military leave
§ 10-156e Employees of boards of education permitted to serve as elected officials; exception
§ 10-156aa Task force re minority teacher recruitment, preparation and retention
§ 10-156bb Minority Teacher Recruitment Policy Oversight Council
§ 10-156cc Report re effectiveness of minority teacher recruitment programs
§ 10-156dd Student survey re minority teacher recruitment programs
§ 10-157 Superintendents: Relationship to local or regional board of education; verification of certification status; waiver of certification; written contract of employment; evaluation of superintendent by board of education
§ 10-157a Superintendent for more than one town
§ 10-158 Superintendent for more than one town. Supervision districts
§ 10-158a Cooperative arrangements among towns. School building projects. Student transportation