§ 35-24 Short title: Connecticut Antitrust Act
§ 35-25 Definitions
§ 35-26 Restraint of trade or commerce unlawful
§ 35-27 Monopolization or attempt to monopolize unlawful
§ 35-28 Acts unlawful when purpose or effect is restraint of trade or commerce
§ 35-29 Acts unlawful where effect is substantial lessening of competition or creation of monopoly
§ 35-30 Application of chapter
§ 35-31 Exceptions
§ 35-32 Attorney General to bring actions in the name of state or as parens patriae
§ 35-32a Funds received by state re antitrust actions deposited in General Fund
§ 35-33 Superior Court jurisdiction
§ 35-34 Injunctive relief
§ 35-35 Treble damages for injury to business or property
§ 35-36 Final judgment in action brought by Attorney General as prima facie evidence
§ 35-36a Proceedings for forfeiture of franchise
§ 35-37 Copies of complaints to Attorney General
§ 35-38 Civil penalties for violations
§ 35-39 Liability of legal or commercial entity for acts of agents
§ 35-40 Limitation of actions. Accrual of cause of action for continuing violation
§ 35-41 Suspension of statute of limitations
§ 35-42 Investigation of alleged violation. Issuance of subpoenas and written interrogatories. Enforcement of compliance. Cooperation. Service. Confidential material
§ 35-43 Attachment
§ 35-44 Actions and proceedings to be in accordance with civil actions statutes
§ 35-44a Attorney General to bring actions in federal court on behalf of state government, local government, and other political subdivisions
§ 35-44b Judicial construction of Connecticut Antitrust Act
§ 35-45 Price discrimination prohibited in commercial transactions. Rebuttal of prima-facie case
§ 35-46 Joint research and development ventures