Part 801 Coverage Rules
Part 802 Exemption Rules
Part 803 Transmittal Rules

Terms Used In CFR > Title 16 > Chapter I > Subchapter H

  • Aggregate working load limit: The summation of the working load limits or restraining capacity of all devices used to secure an article of cargo on a vehicle. See 49 CFR 393.5
  • Allotment: means an area of land designated and managed for grazing of livestock. See 43 CFR 4100.0-5
  • BLM: means the Bureau of Land Management. See 43 CFR 3601.5
  • Blocking: A structure, device or another substantial article placed against or around an article of cargo to prevent horizontal movement of the article of cargo. See 49 CFR 393.5
  • Chassis: The load-supporting frame of a commercial motor vehicle, exclusive of any appurtenances which might be added to accommodate cargo. See 49 CFR 393.5
  • Grazing permit: means a document that authorizes grazing use of the public lands under Section 3 of the Act. See 43 CFR 4100.0-5
  • Hook-lift container: A specialized container, primarily used to contain and transport materials in the waste, recycling, construction/demolition and scrap industries, which is used in conjunction with specialized vehicles, in which the container is loaded and unloaded onto a tilt frame body by an articulating hook-arm. See 49 CFR 393.5
  • Integral securement system: A system on certain roll-on/roll-off containers and hook-lift containers and their related transport vehicles in which compatible front and rear hold down devices are mated to provide securement of the complete vehicle and its articles of cargo. See 49 CFR 393.5
  • Mining laws: means the Lode Law of July 26, 1866, as amended (14 Stat. See 43 CFR 3809.5
  • Operations: means all functions, work, facilities, and activities on public lands in connection with prospecting, exploration, discovery and assessment work, development, extraction, and processing of mineral deposits locatable under the mining laws. See 43 CFR 3809.5
  • Tiedown: A combination of securing devices which forms an assembly that attaches articles of cargo to, or restrains articles of cargo on, a vehicle or trailer, and is attached to anchor point(s). See 49 CFR 393.5
  • Unnecessary or undue degradation: means conditions, activities, or practices that:

    (1) Fail to comply with one or more of the following: the performance standards in §3809. See 43 CFR 3809.5

  • Well: The depression formed between two cylindrical articles of cargo when they are laid with their eyes horizontal and parallel against each other. See 49 CFR 393.5