It shall be unlawful for any provider to:

(1) Falsify any report, statement or document required to be filed in connection with any public assistance program;

(2) Include in any cost report or reports for reimbursement any amount or item which the provider knew or should have known was not used in providing service to the recipient for which the amount is paid or to be paid;

(3) Make or cause to be made a statement or representation for use in qualifying as a provider of goods or service under any public assistance program, knowing that statement or representation to be false, in whole or in part by commission or omission; or

(4) Make or cause to be made a false statement or representation of a material fact with respect to the conditions or operation of a provider or facility in order that such provider or facility may qualify or remain qualified to provide assistance under any public assistance program.

65 Del. Laws, c. 345, § 2; 70 Del. Laws, c. 186, § 1.;

Terms Used In Delaware Code Title 31 Sec. 1004

  • Facility: shall mean any facility required to be licensed under Chapters 10 and 11 of Title 16, including any such facility operated by or for the State. See Delaware Code Title 29 Sec. 5807
  • Provider: shall mean a person who is enrolled and who renders goods or services for which payment is made, in whole or in part, under a public assistance program. See Delaware Code Title 29 Sec. 5807
  • Public assistance program: shall mean the medical assistance program of the State. See Delaware Code Title 29 Sec. 5807