The County Council, upon receipt of a petition submitted as provided in § 2303 of this title, shall, and the County Council may, upon its own motion and without having received such a petition, set a date for a public hearing on the question of organizing a sanitary sewer district. The hearing shall be held at such time as may be fixed by the County Council and shall be previously advertised by posting a notice, in 4 of the most public places within the proposed district, at least 10 days prior thereto and by publishing a notice in a newspaper published within the County and having a general circulation therein, once in each of 2 weeks immediately preceding the week in which the hearing is to be held. All interested persons, officials, residents, voters, taxpayers, property owners or other persons or corporations in any way affected by the granting of the petition shall be heard on any question dealing with the location of the boundaries of the district. Such notice shall contain a description of the boundaries of the proposed sanitary district and if the public hearing is ordered as a result of the filing of a petition such boundaries shall be those described in the petition.

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