(a) If the majority of the voters are in favor of establishing the sanitary sewer district, the County Council shall within 30 days following the election, issue a determination to that effect which shall contain a description of the district. The County Council shall file a certified copy of the determination with the clerk of the peace.

(b) Within 30 days after the election, the County Council shall authorize the Department of Public Works and the County Attorney to procure the necessary land and rights-of-way by purchase, agreement, or by condemnation in accordance with existing laws, and shall authorize the Department of Public Works to prepare maps, plans, specifications and estimates for any or all structures required to provide for the installation of sewers, structures incidental thereto and the safe disposal of the sewage in the district and to let contracts for, supervise the construction and maintenance of, or the enlarging or remodeling of such structures, and to carry on such other activities as may be required by this chapter or considered necessary to perform the duties prescribed in this chapter.

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